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  1. File Name: Ice Duel File Submitter: itsme2 File Submitted: 10 Dec 2004 File Category: SF Missions/Campaigns Updated Campaign for DBS terrain. Fixed some inventory errors, Nothing major. Click here to download this file
  2. Hello all, I've just uploaded Ice Duel 1.1 a campaign for Major Lee's DBS terrain. Have fun and please feel free to comment.
  3. Ice Duel



    Updated Campaign for DBS terrain. Fixed some inventory errors, Nothing major.
  4. Thanks for the work! Is there any way you could list the particlesystem.ini changes or intergrate them into Dueces particle effects 1.0? I'd hate to have to re-edit all those effects again.
  5. Open the weapons editor it should say what type.
  6. Hello, I only know how to add Gunpods. In the aircraft DATA.ini look under weapon stations find the station you want to add the weapon to and under Allowed weapon class type GP example:AllowedWeaponClass=BOMB,LGB,ARM,GP,IFP,FT,MER,RP hope that helps
  7. Hello all, I have been working on a russian interface mod to go along with the russian voice pack from Gramp's site. I now have a playable campaign Soviet, E.Germany vs. Saudi Arabia. It is FICTIONAL so please no laughing it was just easier to set up this way..believe me! Anyway I changed most of the menu screens and aircraft files to go along with Russia in the Desert. If anyone wants to give it a test I'd be grateful. I have played a couple of campaigns already and it works well and Armordave your SU-17 was the sole reason I went on with this so, thank you :D If interested its best to have a seperate install and the speech pack also the all migs flyable MOD, Mirage F-1C, SU-17, SU-15F, YAK-28P, F-86-40 and the Vampire add-ons. And last I am working on a zip file but think it will reach 40-50 MBs not including Desert music B) that would be another 40-50mb's! let me know if anyone wants to try it. And I will get it to you somehow.

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