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  1. Thanks fir replying... Not sure thats the problem here. Most planes i have dled are from well known modders like wrench. And they are known for good, full packages. I review some of the dled files and they have cockpit files along with supporting files. I'll keep checking to find whats wrong. But, thanks for the feedback.. savagcl
  2. Is there a limit of the number of planes allowed in SF2? I'm showing a count of 215 in the aircraft folder and the last 20(?) planes i tried to install from combatace never shows up as a flyable airplane selection (or anywhere else). what am i doing wrong? thanks, savagcl
  3. thanks, wrench, I'll check it out... savagkc
  4. Wrench, Glad to see u still active in SF, enjoyed a lot of your stuff in the past! For info: I bought SFP1, SFP2, 1st Eagles, Wings over Vietnam and Korea a long time ago. My CD went bad for SFP2 and couldnt install it on new system. So, i found that site and gave it a shot. Installed just fine but its version is original with no mods. I have a lot of mods to add back in, not all need a cat extracted file, most don't. have lots of planes to put back in. Some from Wrench. Maybe i could use "some" of the files from SFP1 will have to try. Was just wondering if a later version of the cat extractor was available? thanks for quick responses, savagkc
  5. Just pulled down SFP2 from an old games site. Got it installed ok but when trying to extract a file (HUDDATA.ini) from the Flight Cat, it keeps giving me an error cannot open cat file. I noticed all the Cat files are "secured" which i think is the problem. Is there any way around this that can help me extract the huddata.ini file? Thanks, savagkc
  6. Thanks for replying, Saitek Cyborg EVO Joystick checks out OK (old but reliable). Still zeroes in nicely. It appears to be most of the planes (50/60%) have this problem. Understand the unbalanced loadouts and how it could make problems but sometimes there is no loadout other than guns. With prop planes understand engine pull and centrifugal force can be a slight problem also. Should not be a problem with jets tho, i would think. I prefer the P-51D Mustang but fly all types. thanks, savagcl
  7. Many of the aircraft begin a hard rotation to the right along the planes center axis. Even on the airstrip it will turn right. Makes a plane very hard to fly straight and level, Is there a setting that can fix this? A search here wasn't much help. I'm not a modder but know enough to be dangerous Thanks, savagcl
  8. Win10 and saitek cyborg evo in use. Joystick checks out as good in Win10. Fresh install of all SF games (SF2, SF2E, SF2NA, etc). Custom control shows joystick assigned as i want setup to be. Games totally ignores any joystick settings while playing SF2 as tho no joystick was attached. I've tried resetting the stick several times bu no luck. Anything else i could try?? Huddata.ini - I extracted from .cat file to turn off label ID's for both friendl and foe. No problem there.But can i just copy/paste the same Huddata file into all games or must i extract Huddata for each game and use ineach of their games?? thanks, savagcl
  9. Got the extractor, works great, thank you. I have tried all resolutions, still to large. I have a fairly large 32 inch monitor. my current resolution is normally set to 2650x1900x32 (max). SP1 and SP2 is good, only First Eagles menu screens are larger. I'll try a re-install and maybe that will fix. thanks again, savagcl
  10. Running win10 on gaming systen. First Eagles will run in windows mode. Every thing is showing on-screen in Startup.ini. If i set windows mode to FALSE (in Startup.ini), the main menu screen is so large that i cannot get to any selection buttons on the right side, like "Fly" or "Accept", etc. I've tried every resolution from 800x600 to 2560x1600 with no luck. How do i change the resolution of the menu screens? And also, is the cat extractor still available for First Eagles? I figure there must be a setting for menu screens in the cat file. thank you, savagcl
  11. Well, shucks, hopefully it was just the sites! savagcl
  12. No special mods (but open to new mods). Was just curious. I remember all those sites for SF1 and was wondering if they made the switch to SF2. I like the WW2 aircraft and a few jets (mostly just for the speed). First Eagles was a fun trip also. The grand canyon terrain was fun and a challenge to fly at max speed while trying not to get up close and personal with a canyon wall. I know this site has the best most accurate mods and it really appreciated by me. I'm not a modder myself but i love this game. Flying around and getting to blow s**t up is a good stress relieve!!! thanks for the feedback, savagcl

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