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  1. Thanks, I'll try that. I managed to get some good landings in with the scooter today. Same with the F-100 and F-4E. I am starting to like this sim. I wish they had wired in the hat switch for looking around. It's a lot easier than having to reach for the mouse, although I like the smooth motion with the mouse. 8)
  2. I am flying the scooter on a Dell 2.2 GHZ and the performance in the air seems okay. Very agile. But, so far, my landings seem to go to hell in a handbasket far too easily. I have flown a lot of sims and am a pilot so when I say this one is wierd, it's wierd. I will keep working with it, but it is far too sensitive. I have had it get out of control on roll out and just keep rolling down the runway, like to the inverted, until I finally exited the mission. Sidenote: I served with Attack Squadron 93 in the 60s and was an Avionics Technician assigned to scooter repair aboard the USS Ranger and at NAS Lemoore.

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