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  1. It's Californias turn!!!

    Floridian here, good luck and stay safe over there.
  2. Hey Chief. try this one. It's a work in progress, but you should be able to get in there. http://www.vfa195.com/vf10/news.php Seawolf aka- Snacky ;)
  3. 5 gmail accounts to give away...

    I'll give it a shot. seawolf ldowningjr@tampabay.rr.com
  4. Another bus bomb in Israel

    We are finally on the Offensive after years of tucking tail and looking the other way. NO MORE! we make a stand right here, right now for our childrens sake. Make the right choice in November people PLEASE!
  5. Soldner Beta Demo

    While I really had high hopes for this one I have to agree with this guys assesment. There is no way this game is 1 month from release. At the very best it's in Alpha, but no way is it beta or nearing release. I think back to the demo release of Operation Flashpoint and how it just blew me away. It was the best thing since sliced cheese and not only did it work, but it was beautifull. Soldner (IMO and I have been playing Tac shooters for a lot of years) does not even qualify as a poor attempt at a Half Life mod. I am willing to give any game an honest shake, but my initial feeling about this one is really bad. I am very disappointed and expected better. They will have to show me a vast (and I mean HUGE) improvement for me to purchase this in May.
  6. I chose the Mig29C (Mig29S) since it performs pretty close to the FA18C. Although I miss the multirole features of the F18. I think you guys will really like the changes made in the 1.02 patch. Each beta build we get has something new in it, but testing continues in order to get it right. The F15 is now a platform to fear in Lockon. Now that the Radar and Aim120 have been tweaked the F15 can claim air dominance. Thats not to say the Russian jets dont have a chance, because they certainly do, but Lockon feels much more balanced now since the work on the F15.
  7. A Marine And A College Professor....

    Nice one Chief. My Dad loved that one. :D
  8. Ahhhahaha That's Good Stuff...

    Funny stuff. Kids can be so honest can't they? lol
  9. Battlefield: Vietnam

    I really like it to, but beware ATI radeon users you cant use AA or AF because "it isn't supported" for somereason and Radeons were not tested soyou rbest bet so far is to use older 3.XX drivers and turn off AA and AF. Also I haven't been able to play more than 30min without a CTD. Not trying to be a party pooper, but having been a big fan of BF1942 this one has me scratching my head and waiting for a patch. When the game is working its great and with the music,etc you feel like your in Viet Nam, but ATI users will probably have issues right off the bat.
  10. Bertuzzi's So Called "attack" On Moore

    "waivers" don't release a student athlete from criminal prosecution, they only release the school from civil liability if you get hurt. If you break someones neck during a game or even worse kill them from those injuries that waiver doesn't mean jack except that the school will be covered. You however would certainly be prosecuted for at least manslaughter and then on to civil court for all the lawsuits from the victims family. Sooner or later some judge will draw a line for athletes as far as criminal law goes and you might see somebody prosecuted for the same thing that happened last week.
  11. Cheating In Video Games

    I have actually seen that so thats why if I am wanting to dogfight I go into a server setup for dogfighting with a certain aircraft list and little by way of ground objects.
  12. What Car We Drive......

    That is some straight up Jerry Springer shiznit right there PC Pilot. LOL good on ya bud. :D
  13. Locked?

    LOL@Snapple. we may not always agree but you sure are a firecracker and I respect that. S! My take on FooFighter is this: I don't mind that he disagrees with me and I welcome anyone who has a different take on a situation, but someone who comes in and demands that thier view be given serious attention while not returning the favor to those who oppose them is disrespectful and rude. On that note I probably owe Snaps a bit of an apology for being a little quick on the draw in the other thread. I'm not one to throw my experiences around as if its some sort of get out of jail free card nor do I need to use my military background as a step ladder to seem better than anyone else. If I came across that way snapple I apologize, it was not my intention. Politics are a tricky and ugly thing. You only have to watch the upcomming battle between the Democrats and Republicans to see that, but guys like Chief and I base our beliefs on life experiences from a different time period and different place. Many who have traveled to other parts of the world can attest to this. I just love my country and would lay down my life to protect her in a split second if asked to. This isn't about you or I, but it has everything to do with our children and I for one do not want my Children having to worry about riding a bus to school or flying in a plane because some asshole living in a cave does not like who I am because of my color, religion, or political afiliation. Stay strong people and don't give in to fear. God Bless America (sorry if thats too political Jeff, but once I start writing sometimes I cant stop.lol)
  14. Cheating In Video Games

    Zag many of us use hyperlobby and have for years (Since Janes.net went down) and hyperlobby has nothing to do with the lag in the game. Hyperlobby only launches the game and then goes dormant while your game is in session. What you saw is something we see nightly even in the best dedicated servers. People come and go in these servers and not everyone has the best connection so if this guy had a net fart or 15 programs running in the background of windows then what you saw makes sense and has to be lag on his end. You have to be carefull when accusing someone of cheating because its easy to confuse lag with some nifty new "lag cheat"(which doesn't exist since the 1.2 patch) so the best thing to do is wait and see if there is a pattern. Personally if I saw what you saw (and I do every server I go into) I wouldn't accuse the guy of cheating, but I might make a comment in the chat buffer to the effect of "Nice lag bud" and leave it at that. Of course the ones who lag the worst and are told by several people they do will refuse to believe it's on thier end so you just deal with it and move on.lol One thing I have seen with the IL2 community in my limited time flying IL2 is they don't take to well to cheaters and they will gang tackle a cheater in a heart beat if its proven that the person cheats. For the most part the guys I run into online with IL2 are the most respectfull of any sim community I have been a part of. Each engagement ends with a quick "S!" from both sides and there is very little jaw jackin going on. Thats not to say you won't run into the occasional "You must be cheating because you shot me down with your Uber plane" but for the most part the community has a lot of fun together and it's pretty impressive.
  15. Cheating In Video Games

    Zag, That wasn't cheating. What you saw was lag. Usually when you see someone zoom away backwards like that then you see a cheating has been detected messege its because the guys connection got so bad he got booted from the game. It's normal.

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