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  1. Thanks man a lot!finally i found the missing thing.when i was referring to "not so detailed text" its because i was looking into the one of the folders and not both of them.Thanks again you,personally,and the others that created detailed guides and links. A thing that i always liked in the Soviet made aircraft was the light blue color of the cockpit.Whenever i played a sim with Soviet origin aircrafts,it was helping really very much to keep the eyes and the mind relaxed as much as possible and i consider a huge lack its absence in the western aircrafts. Hope we can change opinions and other staff with with you and other members here. Good day!!
  2. Nice model but its not "Macedonia" but FYROM.Macedonia is a greek (hellenic) region and not a country. :nono:
  3. Thanks for the reply and the detailed post.unfortunately the capaign.ini of the WOV is not so extended and detailed and cant figure out how is the mumbering of the units. By the way,nice plane in your signature..
  4. hello guys!a big thank to all of you that contributed to make fantastic with mods and add-ons,these 4 games. Now,in my part,i tried to add aircrafts in the campaigns of WOV.Changed dates of entrance in service,added the squadron in the campaign.ini file but im stuck in the IDunit.how can i find this number and where? thanks in advance!!
  5. I Have A Crash Problem

    im talking about the vietcong game,after the brdge assault....
  6. I Have A Crash Problem

    while playing the mission in campaign where all the squad is making an assault on the trince line,after completing the mission and trying to go to the extraction point i have a crush system. i tried the mode proposed by the sysem but makes no difference.i have installed all the patches available. any solution to the problem? thanks

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