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  1. Lots of scenario specific installs. This was my desktop back in 2015: I'm feeling much better now and am down to only 10 SF2 installs - the 5 basic games & 2 expansion packs (which I use mainly for testing mods), a USMC (and friends) install, a Drug Wars install based around Central America and the Caribbean, and a WW2 ETO install. I'll probably add more but this is more than enough to keep me busy!
  2. Desktop.JPG

  3. Pyrrhic victory A Pyrrhic victory is a victory that inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat. Someone who wins a Pyrrhic victory has also taken a heavy toll that negates any true sense of achievement. This is what happens when you take your sweet time admiring the view instead of intercepting the bad guys before the 'Vampire' calls!
  4. Someone was asking about low viz VF-84 skins for the F-14A_82. While we wait patiently for someone to make one there is always the option of flying the first version TMF F-14A which has several low viz Jolly Rogers skins available...
  5. The international famine relief effort continues, delivering much needed aid to convoys in remote areas to transport onwards to villages and refugee camps..... All kinds of aircraft in all kinds of weather.... And the threat on the ground is real... A one-shot bumpy landing.... But at least the cargo was delivered.... Help is usually on hand from Ethiopian, USMC or French aircraft flying cover for the aid flights....
  6. The Indian Sea Harrier mod has a similar skin that might just need some FAA decals to convert to an early SHAR skin. SF2 version: SF1 version:
  7. I was thinking more along the lines of flying them off Ark Royal or another carrier like the operations to reinforce the Spitfires on Malta (Operations Calendar and Bowery). I think your imagination has got a bit rusty during your sabbatical from CA! (Just kidding)
  8. Very nice! BTW would a Hunter have had the range to make it to the Falklands (via Ascension Island?) or would they have been shipped in?
  9. Simple answer is I cheat! For dramatic effect the airfield pictures are from various missions I've recently flown in my new SF2: USMC install, and the queue of aircraft waiting for take-off is just from me choosing lots of different aircraft for my squadron in the single mission Load-out screen. Having said that, once I took off I sent everyone else home and flew the RAF C-130 to make a cargo drop close to a village near the Ethiopia-Sudan border, where I was shot at by AAA an on egress was engaged by a Sudanese MiG-29 which I dodged while two USMC F/A-18Cs came to my rescue and took him out. I didn't take any pictures of that mission after takeoff, so my mandatory screenies are a Force Recon insertion off a hostile coast in my SF2: USMC install (the Zodiac is a Groundobject from YAP Straits of Hormuz):
  10. USMC and Armee de l'air units spearhead a multinational UN effort to bring aid to war-torn Ethiopia.... Eritrean MiGs routinely buzz the aid flights And French fighters scramble from Djibouti to provide escort and chase off the intruders USMC Harriers spot a group of marauders threatening a nearby aid convoy.... Winchester and heading for home
  11. USMC AV-8B tanking on the way home from a CAS mission over Ethiopia...

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