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  1. A-10's flying Red Flag hops out of Nellis (with thanks to Gunrunner for the ACMI loadout solution).. Brrrttt!!! Friendly armour moving forward to mop up... And a pass at the gunnery range on the way home to use up the last of the ammo..
  2. That’s great! Thanks so much Gunrunner. Yes it’s for the TW stock A-10s. Will try it when I get home from work tonight.
  3. YAP Blackhawks at Nellis..
  4. Different flavour 'Varks at Nellis..
  5. I'm not sure if this one has been asked before... I'm creating some DACM loadouts for my USAF aircraft for Red Flag style hops on the Nellis Range terrain and would like my A-10's to carry an ACMI pod on one rail and a practice Sidewinder on the other rail of the LAU-105 twin missile rail, like this.. Is it possible?
  6. Agreed. Billie Lee Guthrie is too young to have served in Vietnam.
  7. Ships will engage naval and land targets with guns. They will engage naval targets with missiles too if in range. Not sure if they will hit land targets with missiles.

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