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  1. Somewhere over the South China Sea... (Sukhoi Sunday/Super Sunday crossover)
  2. Super Sunday

    Somewhere over the South China Sea... (Super Sunday/Sukhoi Sunday crossover)
  3. Somewhere off the coast of Scotland..
  4. Russian (green) and Ukrainian (camo) tanks duking it out on the battlefield. My Ukrainian Mi-24 was taken out by a Russian SAM so I just sat back to watch the battle...
  5. Bogey identified and escorted out of UK airspace. QRA flight heading for home..
  6. Training Day...
  7. Of course you could use DA’s decal method for skins, which would allow you to have the appropriate camo/grey on each individual airframe In the squadron... (Ducks and runs for cover 😂)
  8. Daily Screenshot Challenge - Day 7 (last day) Theme - Soviet-Afghan War Swing-wing double-bill. Tu-22M3 Backfires, flying from Turkmenistan, carrying out a strike on a Mujahideen held village, while MiG-23 escorts get a grandstand view..... Escort the bombers back to the northern border... ...and then back to base. Another Daily Screenshot Challenge complete! Thanks to those that helped, namely Gepard for his quick fixes with the terrain and Stratos for the solution to Thunder Thursday!

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