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  1. There's plenty of A-6 action to be had here, including instructions for making them flyable:
  2. Don't forget these guys...
  3. Can anyone join in?
  4. Given the date I thought it might be nice to see some D-Day striped birds
  5. Persian Gulf intercept F\A-18Cs over the Persian Gulf.....(because my FB feed has suddenly become clogged by DCS screenshots)
  6. Top Gun Maverick

    So we 'know' Maverick is going to be in the front seat of an F\A-18F, but who is going to be his RIO? a) Merlin* b) Some young kid who Maverick sees a lot of himself in c) A hot female flier who's probably young enough to be his daughter d) Your suggestions *Tim Robbins is 59 and Tom Cruise is 55, so the combined age of the crew would be 114 years old!
  7. South China Sea. Present Day...
  8. Wrench, this is from the Readme: The "Bear team" -Veltro 2k- Plane creator -X-Ray- All the skins plus loadouts and part of weapons and Data ini's -Lindr2- All the Avionics files and Data ini's Special thanks to Amookfloo for Idea and base model and "The Wrench" for the blue borts numbers included I've got this in my SF1 downloads (Downloaded 17 January 2009!) so it may well have never been upgraded to SF2. Also, I've just looked and can't find it in the SF1 downloads section so maybe it never got re-uploaded after one of the occasions when we had problems with the site? Let me know if you want me send you the package.
  9. Lots of scenario specific installs. This was my desktop back in 2015: I'm feeling much better now and am down to only 10 SF2 installs - the 5 basic games & 2 expansion packs (which I use mainly for testing mods), a USMC (and friends) install, a Drug Wars install based around Central America and the Caribbean, and a WW2 ETO install. I'll probably add more but this is more than enough to keep me busy!
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