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  1. Syrian Fulcrum looking for a target...
  2. Indonesian Flankers scramble to intercept some visitors over the South China Sea... On the deck, two Vietnamese Flankers... They bank away to head for home... And these guys are up for a Sunday morning flight too...
  3. If the only Friendlynation in the terrain's Nation.ini file is RAF then you should only get their parked aircraft. Other than that it's pot luck I think.
  4. There are tabs in the store for the different platforms. For SF2 you need to go to the Windows 7 page https://store.thirdwire.com/store_p1.htm
  5. F-15I Ra'am (which means 'Thunder' in Hebrew)
  6. Apparently it's Top Gun Day today. Compliments of the season to you all! http://www.topgunday.com/ 'Holy sh*t! It's Viper!'
  7. Someone's definitely having a Cruddy Monday!
  8. Great idea. Any chance of sharing it?

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