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  1. Just go to the search field in the top-right of this screen and search for Dhimar (or Paran) in the Files....
  2. SF2:NA expansion Pack: There are also some further campaign additions to this, covering conflicts in the Med and North Cape amongst others.
  3. Looks great! Looking forward to it. Regarding land based anti ship missiles, I think there may be Iranian Silkworms in some of the Persian Gulf terrains or campaign packs that you could use or at least the data.ini may give you a steer to edit a Scud to simulate the more modern Russian systems.
  4. Is that Clint Eastwood jogging along the forest trail down below Mandatory screenie:
  5. Cliffs of Dover - Hurricane campaign

    Picked up Cliffs of Dover myself from Steam over the holidays and have probably the same criticisms. Am a couple of missions ahead of you in the campaign, and it looks like it's been pitched to gradually build up the skillset (e.g. scrambled to intercept some bombers that turned out to be Bf-110s, gently introducing us to dogfighting ) so hopefully we'll have some much bigger scale missions, with bombers and escorts, to come. Enjoying things so far though.
  6. Correct. It's the Insky J-20 It was here but I think it's been removed Mandatory screenshot
  7. While the bulk of CVW5 are involved in exercises with regional partners, the CAP and alert aircraft are kept busy with the real-world mission of intercepting a steady stream of PLAAF snoopers... Some try to fly NOE to get past the gatekeepers A CAP with Hawkeye support is deployed overland to track the bogeys Interception made, the J-10s climb to be escorted off the premises The Chinese try something new, and these birds are not detected.. You're looking the wrong way guys Oh Sh..where did he come from? The bogey's wingman makes his presence felt And the intruders are out to make more mischief with the CAP flight supposedly searching for them... Eventually a Mark One eyeball spots the bogey at 5 o'clock high Drop tanks and break...Now But the PLAAF jets have already disengaged, descended to low level and are rapidly egressing, still undetected by radar Looks like tensions in the South China Sea have ratcheted up a notch. To be continued....
  8. CVW5 and friends tanking over the South China Sea...
  9. CVW5 commences exercises around the South China Sea region... They are joined by regional allies... Malaysian FA-18Ds Flying low they carry out simulated anti-shipping strikes against the carrier battle group and then drop even lower to mimic the missiles themselves and give the ships' air defence crews a workout E-2Cs out of Singapore control the red forces Malaysian MiG 29s join the action And their Hornets also fly blue side sorties Singapore sends F-16A, C and D fighters to the exercises Australian FA-18Fs are also invited And fly joint missions with the air wing To be continued.....
  10. Thanks Michael. Does anyone know if we have these training missiles in any of the weapons packs? I can't find any but I may be missing something.
  11. Please can someone advise what would be appropriate DACM loadouts for the above aircraft, and whether we have the appropriate pods or practice missiles for SF2. I’m thinking post-Cold War Fulcrum and Flanker users invited to Red Flag or maybe mock combat against a visiting US carrier battle group by say Malaysian or Indonesian birds. Thanks.

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