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  1. The DACM loadouts are coming along... Taking a breather while everyone else mixes it up... Very impressive camo job on this bird, no wonder the Tomcat pilot never saw him until it was too late...
  2. I built that one too! I thing it was the prototype with the M-61 gun instead of the GAU-8
  3. A bit of NFWS action over the fantastic SWUS terrain... I need to create [DACM] loadouts with ACMI pods and practice AIM-9s for my birds so I can set up some guns only fights...
  4. I've place New Jersey close in to the coast of Lebanon in the past and have seen it engage shore targets like armour and AAA units with both guns and Tomahawks.
  5. Keeping the British end up...
  6. SF2: RAF The stunning Photo Real British Isles terrain and a selection of the RAF aircraft and skins available to fly over it:
  7. Is this any help? http://strikefighters.wikia.com/wiki/Strike_Fighters_Series_Description
  8. Well the VAW-112 skin has an AJ tailcode which would put it with CVW-8 aboard the Nimitz between 1977 - 1980 in LANTFLT. VAW-112 next served aboard Nimitz as part of CVW-9 in PACFLT with tailcode NG between 1988 - 1998. So it looks like we need an NG decal! (Sorry for the thread hijack Pappy)
  9. Looks great! We need some skins for Pacific fleet squadrons.
  10. Back in action with the new computer and DA's new KC-135 pack...
  11. DA's new KC-135... Feeding time for some thirsty Eagles...

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