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  1. If you have multiple nations on the Red side, such as Soviet, EGermany, Poland etc and only Soviet has carriers, in the terrain’s Nation.ini you can make Soviet EnemyNation002 instead of EnemyNation001. I think this should solve the problem and allow blue forces to hit land targets in single missions.
  2. Operation EAGLE EYE....Bronco Winters intercepts an inbound drug runner flying low off the coast of Florida.... But it's no match for a burst of 20mm And then home for breakfast
  3. I'm making a Drug Wars install for myself, based on the YAP mod and the Narcos terrain, but with additional Central America and Cuba terrains added so far. I'm in the process of adding more aircraft and ground objects from several sources, and am flying single missions and having a lot of fun... Colombian forces operating against Cartel drug farms
  4. Thanks Crusader! Downloading now.
  5. Wrench - I’d love the whole aircraft if that’s possible. But you knew I was going to say that didn’t you? DA - Thanks for the advice. I’m probably going to buy a new PC soon enough anyway so it’s not worth getting a CD drive at the moment.
  6. Does anyone remember the C-130 AWACS model with USCG skin from the Checksix mega pack for SF1? I have it on a CD but unfortunately don’t currently have access to a CD drive! Would anyone be able to upload it (with appropriate permission of course), or even better convert it to SF2 or, dare I say it, create a version using Dels C-130? A USCG AWACS Hercules would be a great addition to a SF2: Drug Wars install I’m putting together... Any help would be much appreciated guys.
  7. If you have YAP’s Drug War you have access to the Bell 206B. What you also have access to is all of the textures/skins for the stock FSX Bell 206 because the mapping is the same. All you have to do is download a texture from a FSX site like Avsim.com or Flightsim.com and then convert the file called Bell_206B_T from a .bmp or .dds file to a .tga file (I use a free program called DXTBmp for this) and rename the file remapbell.tga and put it in a skin folder together with an appropriately worded textureset.ini file. You can fly the Bell 206B in your SF1 and SF2 installs, and with so many skins out there it should see a lot of action.
  8. Some Israeli choppers... Tzefa and Saifan Tzefa and Anafa Training Day Border Police Yasur
  9. YAP KA-6D and TW F-4B tanking somewhere over the South China Sea, 1966
  10. Yes, I know it's a flight sim, but M-1s and T-80s going head to head at point blank range - what's not to like?
  11. SF2 Ground Combat

  12. Maybe the VC-25 pilot was an ex-BUFF crew and wanted to practice AR under extreme conditions? Or more likely I miscalculated my waypoints when setting up the mission and rendezvoused with the tanker after it reached it's last waypoint and started to orbit! Post edited to give credit to Marcfighters, and to the unknown skinner! Looking forward to the 747 skins - there are plenty here to keep you busy for a while! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Boeing_747_operators

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