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  1. If this is a user made mission have a look at the carrier's course and speed. Maybe the carrier has just run out of waypoints by the time you get back from your flight., so looks to be static.
  2. Humpday Heavies

    Carrier based heavy...
  3. Super Sunday

    Mars Attacks...
  4. Tomcat vs Tomcat over the Persian Gulf...
  5. Turn and burn... 'Jester, break...now' Nose to nose... Life at the sharp end...
  6. Watching the wingman recover...
  7. JDAMs are GPS guided, not laser guided. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joint_Direct_Attack_Munition
  8. Fleet defence... The battlegroup reorientates to protect the carrier from the threat...
  9. Do the availability dates for ship skins work the same as for aircraft? If I have an aircraft carrier with static planes built into the model so they are part or the ship’s skin I can create new skins for the carrier to reflect the air wing changing. I can pick the carrier in the mission builder by adding a new naval unit and selecting the appropriate skin. However if I want to add the carrier to a fleet in the mission builder there is no option to select the skin, so do you add the availability dates to the textureset and game will select the correct skin depending on the mission date the same as it does for aircraft skins? Thanks
  10. Topping up the tanks somewhere over the Med...

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