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  1. The skin is already released as part of Daddyairplane's 707-300 pack Obligatory screenshot: Holy s**t, the Muj have got hold of some SAMs!
  2. Plenty of hustle and bustle at RAF Canopic...
  3. Mi-24 book written by me

    Look what arrived in the post just in time for the weekend! Michael, this is a great book, very readable and really nicely set out. Do you have a reliable list of users by model? At the moment I'm interested in who operated the early versions, Mi-24A and Mi-24B. Once again, well done on this.
  4. Operation Darius is a good modern campaign..
  5. There's an Indonesian Flanker skin in the SF1 downloads section:
  6. T-45s taking a tour of SWUS.. Time to take it down into the valleys.. Out of the hills and a fast run across the desert floor.. Then back to the Boat for debrief..
  7. DCS Syria does look nice but I don't have the time or the system to do it justice. Got Israel 2 and IsraelME both working with the bases on Cyprus and carriers. Maybe time for another screenshot story soon... Thanks for all your help guys.
  8. I was thinking of the deployment of Buccaneers in Operation Pulsator in 1983 http://www.naval8-208-association.com/NewsArticlesOpPULSATOR01.html A good starting point to then escalate from recon missions to full combat ops.
  9. For some reason I’ve got a sudden desire to fly some 1980’s RAF missions from Cyprus over Lebanon and Syria. Do any of the modded IsraelME or any other maps have working airbases (presumably R.A.F. Akrotiri) on Cyprus?
  10. Training day for some Skyhawk pilots coming aboard the Lexington...
  11. Iraqi Hips and Hind

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