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  1. I just found a category SE5a skins...does it matter which one I use? Also does it matter if the file says SE5a instead....... as long as I attach the SE5FM files in the correct file.?
  2. I am loading the aircraft for the Aces campaign and one of the instructions is SE5 SE5a FM - by Peter01 (uploaded by Christian59) (you'll need the SE5) I have the SE5 FM from Christain59, but I noticed that I have not downloaded any SE5. I searched for it using the search button and went through all 17 pages and did not find any SE5 plane in the First Eagles - WWI and Early Years - Add-On Aircraft section. Is there another site this AC can be found? Also what happens if I miss one or two downloads of AC from the list....will the campaign still run (but I won't fly or see those missing AC).
  3. In the zip file, in the objects file, there are two files. Aircraft - I only unzipped the Nieuport 16 and RFC aircraft to my aircraft folder. Weapons....there are a number if files here. but since this says it is FE1, I am not sure if those weapons files would be compatible in the FE2 weapons file.
  4. In the readme..it says to download Nieuport 16 Mega pack for FE1 - by Christian59 (you'll need the Nieuport16 and the Nieuport16_RFC). Since I am running FE2, I just put the Nieuport 16 and 16RFC files only in my aircraft folder....Is that all I need to do? What about the other files. I assume because its for FE1 that the other files shouldn't be loaded as it might corrupt my weapons, other object and sound files (among others).
  5. I am currently downloading all the required aircraft for Armchair Aces. Question 1 On some of the instructions, Fokker E.III - by Laton.................................................add Peter01 FM I take it that I can install Peter01 FM after all the aircraft from the readme list is installed rather do each one at the time that I install a particular aircraft?. FPfalz E.I - by Laton.......................................................add FM in this package) When getting the aircraft files from combatace, there was no extra FM package in the download. Does this mean that the Peter01 FM will have this FM? Question 2 Regarding Peter01 FM...I noticed several files such as 1) REALLY FIXED FE2 Game Files and 4 FE2 FMs 2010 2) 108 FE1 and/or FE2 FMs March 2010 3) UPDATED FE Plane FMs for Nov 2008 Patch 4) FM Update 3rd September 5) QUICK START FMs and Campaigns for Oct 2007 6)FULL SET FMs and Campaigns for Oct 2007 Ver... Do I need to install all 6 for FE2 - Armchair Aces, and do they include all the FM for the airplanes that was installed based on the readme instructions of Armchair Aces? If not, do I have to download and install individual FM for each add-on aircraft? Question 3 As I was downloading the aircraft, I wanted to check my progress on installation so I created a quick flight using the Fokker M7/BI. I could increase the engine power, but the plane would not move. Will this be fixed once the FMs are installed or is there a way to get this to move. I was wondering if there is a brake key that I have to release?
  6. Armchair Aces updated!

    This is for Armchair Aces 1.5 version.
  7. Armchair Aces updated!

    I am just trying to download all the requirements for Armchair Aces. In the read me text, it says to download Vogesen, But there are two, Vogesen (by Geopard) and Vogesen 2 (by Stephen1918) Can I use Vogesen 2 with FE2 as it is, along with all the other download requirements (without having to majorly change setting in any ini files?)
  8. Thanks VonOben... So I guess you just has to get the various add-on and put then in the right file directory, No major fiddling with .ini files?
  9. I would like to download and install this, but there is a fairly large number of addon that need to be gotten. 1) Is Armchair Aces for FE2. And if so, I assume all add-on required are compatible with FE2. 2) Although I can see that A-Skunkworks is still there, are all those items still available and compatible with FE2. 3) Would I need a separate install for Armchair Aces?
  10. CRIPS !!!! Your right..... Getting FE2 now....
  11. Hmmm...looks like I can't handle this.... I have installed these two files to my c drive. WWI_web_setup - I believe is FE WWI_exp1_setup - I believe is FE2 - could I be wrong? this is what I get when purchased FE2 from 3rdwire. (If I install this without the file above it won't install) I downloaded the patch First Eagles 2 Jun 2010 Update (36.3 MB) When I run it (and I point it to my First Eagles file (don't see a FE2 reference in the c->thirdwire->first eagles path., I get a message saying that it cannot find FE2? Are the two files above correct?
  12. I think I can handle that.....thanks.
  13. Thanks Trotski00 I thought the FE expansion 1 was all patched ready... Guess perhaps not... I went to the Thirdwire site and found the following patches Do I need to install each one, for example with the FE patches and work my way up. or can I just install the FE2 Jun 2010 patch and that should have everything? Updates to First Eagles 2 First Eagles 2 Jun 2010 Update (36.3 MB) First Eagles 2 May 2010-B Update (34.1 MB) First Eagles 2 Mar 2009 Update (34.1 MB) Updates to First Eagles First Eagles Apr 2008 Update (51.9 MB) First Eagles v02.19.07 Patch (9.83 MB) First Eagles v12.27.06 Patch (9.98 MB)
  14. I installed the game and ran it once to ensure that all was installed properly. Got into a single mission and flew around and all seems well. I haven't put in any addons in, An hour later, I loaded FE2 again, and got the message WW1-1918 has stopped working A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. My system is Win 8.1. i7-490 Nvidia card Does anyone know what is causing this. Is FE2 just not compatible with Win 8.1?
  15. I am looking for JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler for FE2, but the search only shows the version for OFF. Can this be used for FE2 as well?

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