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  1. Hello all. Congratulations for this awesome mod! I am new to Strike Fighters in general and i was very pleased with all that huge amount of different planes available, imagine now after installing Nato Fighters 5. At first with such large number of flyable planes i feared all would be similar, But i find there is notable differences thankfully. Most planes performance being similar to the real thing and such. However after trying the Mig-25R i found it is very underpowered. Isnt this beast supposed to reach about 25,000 m and fly next to mach 3? i was barely capable of reach mach 1,5 and couldnt even fly leveled above 15,000 with the afterburner at full. Am i missing something here? Also, is there somewhere a campaign using this mod, where you are in the opposite side in order to fly all the flyable mig´s and su´s?

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