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  1. The State of Flight Sims today?

    Hi all, I too have had an abiding interest in aviation since my early Airfix days, and when I saw Jetfighter on a friend's Amiga way back I was totally blown away. I just had to get into this so bought myself an Atari ST 512, then An Amiga, and have subsequently gone down the PC route purely because that was the format that all the more "serious" flightsims were on. I have owned or played pretty much every flightsim across all 3 formats for the last 17 years and must admit to being more than a little disillusioned by the state of modern flightsims today. Personally I think the "golden age" passed away with Microprose and Janes. Nothing has come close to these dedicated people in terms of gameplay, content, interest, manuals, and sheer replayability since.

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