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  1. Saitek x45 profile For Download http://mywebpages.comcast.net/fightclub/Lopro.zip This profile is For use with saiteks SGE programming software Included in the download are Screenshots for in game setup and a command layout sheet in both pdf and word format Enjoy,Dol
  2. Lomac Ladder

    I have a Squad with many members but due to the fact of the condition the game is in it would be unfair and unwise to join any type of tournament or ladder,I for 1 cannot join any multiplayer game without seeing the invisable loadout's bug or getting hit by a mystery missile or seeing someone warp into outer space Some of my squadmates have the problem when they are on someones 6 their gun wolnt fire due to the low fps and the x45 trigger bug Then there is the F15 radar (we are an f15/a10 squad) so im sure you see our problem there. one of our members has a gforce mx card (he is dissabled and can barely afford to keep the lights on much less buy a gfx card ) the game is unplayable for him I could keep going on and on about the reasons we dont see it as fair or wise to join any ladder or tournament but im sure you get the picture Maybe a year from now when they get some of these things fixed we would love to participate in your ladder http://mywebpages.comcast.net/fightclub/index_page.htm
  3. Here's the problem first ill start with the incremental patch subject and why it would be better 1.Cheaters anyone ever seen a aim54 or a aim120 on a su27 I did in my server in hyperlobby about 3 months after the game come out no further patches = no cheating in multiplayer problems will be addressed. 2.See number 1. and add the fact that no dynamic campaign or new bug fixes will be addressed in any further patches,that is disturbing due to the fact that there really is nothing other than multiplayer dogfights with someone you have never faught before to keep the new in the game and keep anyone from coming back for more they need to throw a little content in a patch every now and then like all other multiplayer or sp games (see IL2, FB ,AEP,1942,ofp,BFViet, shall I continue) 3.Instead of waiting for a new patch we'll be waiting for an add on and then wait 6 more months so they can patch it so we can play without bugs or crashes (that I dont mind as long as I have an enjoyable game to play while I wait ( see number 2.) Problem 2 Noone can deny it multiplayer is where the action is SP is nice But if I just wanted to play SP I wouldnt waste 95$ a month on my high speed internet connection Multiplayer is where the masses are (see all other computer games currently available) and there is just no team oriented content in the game I really dont know what im actually saying here but if nothing in the game changes after the patch besides bug fixes and a score screen there will never be any team orientation to the game (that would suck because i really like having a human wingman that i know and you can't password sides in lomac or force loadouts)

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