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  1. Hi guys, not sure this is the right forum.... but I'm was thinking of adding EECH/EEAH to Loman. So who do I contact to ask if its ok? How do I do it? (Is there some kind of tutorial)? What version do you guys use....2.0, 2,1 or 4.x? Cheers Mark
  2. Soldner Released In Europe

    No the patches has helped out. There is still issues but the game is great fun. This is a game that SCREAMS for teamwork. IMHO it was released to early but it still great fun an the destructable terrain is worth the price alone. I havn't been disconnected or seen any CTD's. Don't judge the game by the beta demo, instead wait for the soon to be release "real" demo if you haven't bought it. I'm living in Europe and have about 40-80 possible servers to join with ping from 23-75. Cheers Mark
  3. Great idea paralyzer! I will do just that! Cheers Mark
  4. Hi zzzspace, I really like you work - but I want to git rid of the chatter. Can that be done? I mostly fly Russian airplanes and therefore don't like the US chatter. Cheers Mark

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