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  1. Can someone get this skin going for it? http://www.aero-web.org/database/aircraft/...age.php?id=2371 Gotta love this game.
  2. Actually they are of the same plane but with two seperate colors. Not sure what one was first but the schemes are the same but the colors are definately different. If you go to the url I posted you will see that they have quite a few variants of the same scheme just different colors. There is one that is green/brown.
  3. Here is the paint scheme of the Argentine A-4's Here are a few other pics to look at. And if that is not enough here is a link to several different pics Click here and yet more links. http://www.skyhawk.org/2c/arf5p.htm
  4. <-----Damn double post dummy. I cannot believe I did that. DOH
  5. No not an idiot. I did not mean for it to sound like that. If I did I appologize. I just have been around the military far too long and I have way to much time on my hands. :yltype:
  6. Here is the best picture I found so far. At least it is the clearest. click here The 214 is still a VMA squadron. They now fly AV-8B Night Attack Harrier. They are stationed at MCAS Yuma, Arizona and assigned to Mairne Air Group 13. I just found another that shows the ram on the side of the aircraft. Remember these are A-4M's. So they are well advanced of what we have in the game. And here is what their planes look like now.
  7. Hey Dagger, If they flew A-4's they would have been VMA-214. Not until later were any of the squadrons known as VMFA. The A stood for Attack and the F for fighter. FA stands for fighter/attack squadron. I will try and find a picture of the 214 just in case. I am no skinner but maybe a picture would help someone that is.
  8. Hey Dagger. I see that you and Dirt are around here so I decided to join with ya'll. :twisted: I have seen quite a few posts on this subject but have not seen any possitive results as of yet.

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