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  1. Fianly got the chanse to play some coop online, this game got the potensial to be THE squad based flight sim of all times. Lock up a sparrow, check whit air control, dobbel check whit members...trippel check...fire, pray....."good shot you got him"...puh!!!!! sorry for my bad english
  2. thx both, just 1 thing, these 2 images: are those 2 the same paint scheme whit the sun messing up the colors in the top 1, is it supose to be offwhite or grey? thx in advance
  3. that would be great thx!!!! my email has a 500k limit tough, so may need to cut it up thx again :D
  4. Hey seawolf nice pics. now if u just as lazy as me..lol....alt-p makes the
  5. Su-35

    Seawolf has a pont, if the EVER (doubt they will) add some of the SUs superfighters i hope they add the 37, that would be great :twisted:
  6. well about 2.3 sec later i smacket into the ground...lol, but it was worth it
  7. In the loadout screen you can go in and set your wingmans camo, weapons ect, its a dropdown box where its say "kingfish11" (or whatever your callsign is)
  8. Can do, the vma takes 12.3 sec....that other thing u have to explain...no clue what u mean...lol
  9. Might update it later but here it is (personal link in sig) And hopefully at Biohaz soon :shock:

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