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  1. Somebody must tell to Mr.Snacky to be polite at least and avoid calling forum users as jerks and their posts garbage. Here is not your farm and please respect us all.
  2. It is my first post in this forum and I have to express a big thanks to you people that maintain and moderate it, for your unbiased, honest and polite attitude. I think that we, posters and users of this freedom of opinion oasis, have to support biohazcentral, and I am willing to do so, in any logical form that you great people ask me. I then have to express my gratitude to people like Ramstein (and many others), for their straightforward opinion and the mature state of their minds. I want also to thank this GAME producers' for their insistence on contractualy pressing the developers to fix this product up. Unfortunately, I don't expect something to happen real soon and I promise to eat my tongue if things happen as the developers' boss informed as 3 days ago. When a group of programers isn't able to deliver in 3 years development time and 8 months afterward, IT will be a big surprise for me to see it happening, say in this rediculus week after week beta drama.

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