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  1. The site's in bloody russian!
  2. Well, yes and no. I don't have an FPS issue with the X800pro card since I used the 9800 settings in LOMAN, then tweaked it slightly by having the water effects set to high and moving the rest of the settings to their highest. On the AVI control panel I set the game to highest and my aperture had already been set to 256Mb. That and having the latest Catalyst drivers help. I'm pretty satisfied with the card and do agree you have to upgrade your processor. I have a Pentium 4 2.8 as well. All my other games like Doom 3 looks fabulous with no framerate drop on highest settings.
  3. OK. How do you get your missions into a campaign? A step-by-step tutorial would be nice. I downloaded LOMU and the Java thingy but it keeps crashing.
  4. Hey, Tuff now I have downloaded a template, skinned it but how do u install it into the game with LOMAN? I tried to but it dosen't recognize it as a cdds file. What can I do?
  5. Thanks a milion Tuff I owe u a beer :D
  6. Ok maybe I'm just dumb, but I still can't install my made skins into the game, Loman and all. I complete the skins using photoshop but how does it convert to cdds file? I tried to use the Loman but it dosen't detect any cdds file for the skin. So how do you convert the finished bitmap image to cdds?
  7. Speaking of problems I downloaded MiG-29 Lost Soul campaign and the first mission was a nice one, but the second had myself and my wingman flying in some turbulent weather so bad that flying was near impossible. I had to give up the campaign overall...I mean I know some were really hard but this takes the cake. Pity it looked like a fine campaign.
  8. Thanks Creepy. I've got some experience as a member of Il2Skins.com with skinning WW2 templates. I now have Loman and will try it out. Thanks again m8 :D
  9. How do you install user made skins into LOMAC?. I tried installing one using the document by Snake from Loman but can't open it. Can someone tell me how to install the skins into the game?
  10. John Kerry GAME???

    Kerry sucks and I'm not even an American. Watching him on TV is bad enough but a videogame? NO WAY!
  11. Actually I haven't had any problems with the drivers on my card.
  12. Alive and Well

    Thanks for the warm welcome m8s. This is a nice site and I think I'll stay. :P
  13. Hiya M8s. I am a member of Il2Skins.com and have some experience with WW2 templates and skinning. However, I can't seem to locate the templates for LOMAC. Can anyone show me where they are? ;)

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