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  1. Yeah I checked that, If I fly SU-33 and fly close to a Tanker (within 0.4 km), it will bring down the refuelling pipes automatically, but this happens only on refuelling way points defined on the mission editor. It is tough to connect the refuel bob of my plane to the dongles, cannot maintain the same speed and altitude for long (may be I have defective joystick or not concentrating enough). Also I noticed that the auto-pilot will not work if you are close to the tanker so you are left on your own to make contact with the tanker. Also I have seen images on some sites, of Lomac Sim, where an A-10A plane was being refuelled in mid-air. So I think A-10A also allows refuelling in the game. I will update this post when I try it later during the weekend.
  2. I have also found the same to be happening in case I use the Buttons for triming pitch or roll. Can be a bug as I remember seeing this reported on the official web-site http://www.lo-mac.com. I do not remember seeing a response on the same, may be you can check-out the site.
  3. Hi, I am new to LOMAC and enjoying the SIM tremendously. I needed your help in setting up a mission involving mid-air refueling . Apparently the LOMAC manual does not say a word on this. I have done the following, on the mission editor Selected SU-27 group for 'Observation' (I have tried other pusposes also) and charted out its path on the map. I then Selected the Russion Tanker IL-78 (purpose as 'Refuelling')and charted out it path too so that its path coincides with that of my SU-27 for some length. I then Added a Russian Awacs too. Now when I run the mission, I do not find any commands to request for an mid-air refuel using the '\' key. Also when I try ALT+T (request Awacs for Tanker directions) it returns a message something like 'No Tanker available'. I am not aware of what else I need to do to make the mid-air refueling work I have applied the latest patch 1.02 and have gone through some of the documentations, but it now seems to me that I am wasting my time and would like to get help from any person who has done this before or if you can point me to some web resource on this matter Rahul

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