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  1. Does anyone know why my radar isn't being redrawn properly? Every time an element moves, a copy stays behind, eventually making the entire scope green. I was replacing a radar on an aircraft with one that worked better and I put all the right files back. All the images of the scope that would form the background of the redraw are there so what is missing? I'm rather new to these kinds of modifications.
  2. Linux

    UPDATE: I looked around and the general idea I got was to get madwifi drivers which I did and I learned how to build them but I'm still stuck. Basically I have the driver and the card but no way to get them to work in harmony. I've also gotten a little more comfortable with the terminal but its still confusing. Please help!
  3. Linux

    I have Fedora core installed on a machine that formerly had windows and a WG311T wireless card and guess what!! I can't figure out how to use that card in Linux! Ive searched my head off on google and everyone seems to think differently and/or wants to use the terminal which (for a complete Linux noob like myself) makes about as much sense as programing in WhiteSpace. Please help. Thanks
  4. I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to donate a 3d model of an F-16 and possibly of some of its available weapons. These will be converted to an addon for ArmA. Also any textures for these would be greatly appreciated. PS Do I sound too much like a begger? Thanks Not sure if this belongs in the arma section but its the wov models I like... And of course credit for the models will be given to their author.
  5. Things unseen

    Wow nice timing!
  6. Things unseen

    Why dont they advertise this stuff then. I know some people who would more likely buy this if they knew that this was in it. Also, dosn't that thing on the innermost right wing pylon look kinda like a laser pod? EDIT: Did a little research...how stupid of me not to see it on the page where i found that picture. It's an AN/AAQ-28 LITENING pod. Further research confirms that it is a laser designator. Quote from: http://www.dsd.es.northropgrumman.com/litening/litening.html Picture and pod ID from: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:STOVL
  7. Things unseen

    First of all after reading this Arma guide i was left perplexed as to what stuff they talk about is in the stock version of the game and what is part of a mod or upcoming patch. They talk about artilary and different rounds that can be used but if you go on the armed assault website, there isn't any artilary. If you go to the Atari version and go to the article on the armory, however, there is a picture of a field gun. There is also a mention of a mortar that can be carried by soldiers. In the guide, they talk about laser designators and bombing. Dosn't the aircraft carry a designator? Does anyone know what is really in the game and what is not?
  8. New pics in Arm Assault Gallery

    I know im digging out an old thread but from what ive seen in the demo, how do you get the helis out of the hanger?
  9. A little help

    That would make sense. Whats you RAM specs.
  10. A little help

    Thanks, thats about what I figured. I never really was considering getting a gtx as they are too much for my budget and psu. How well will it work (can I run it all on full graphics settings or just medium)? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814133193
  11. A little help

    I pre-ordered the NA version a couple days ago and its due to arrive on May 7th. Only one little problem...I am WAY overdue for a vid card replacement. I'm going to get an 8800 in mid June but is there any way to run the game at reasonable fps with this piece of junk. I have the demo and it runs horribly compared to WoV (of course) and AA (everyone on their forms complains about how the speed of AA is horrible compared to other games. They havn't seen this one yet) Also i have an AMD Athlon 64 4000+ and 1.5 gig of ram. Will an 8800 be overkill for the system? Don't worry about the PSU, I got it with this in mind. BTW: how come no one who plays the demo seems to be able to fly the darn helis? There always seems to be a large pile of burning heli frames laying all over the bases. Because i can't really kill anyone doing 10 fps and because of my flight sim obsession, I usually get stuck flying the blackhawk around.
  12. well, considering that the F-117 is a stealth aircraft it too falls into that list. It also has a lower IR signature and i dont think the game can handle that. As for the B-1, it too is considered to be slightly stealthy but the model and pit are EXTREMELY complex. Its a huge varible geometry wing b-52 with several bomb bays. Calculating all this makes the FM a little hard too. Just a guess. The other problem is that these are primarily night aircraft and the AI does not lose effectiveness based on time of day. The F-117 is an electronically invisable b-52 (similar flight characteristics too) with 2 bombs. If a mig sees you and chooses to gun you down than your toast
  13. ArmA Patch

    there is a glitch in the demo atleast where you can get to the top of some ladders and just fall right back down
  14. ArmA Patch

    ive been wondering for some time now why you cant jump or climb ladders like in AA (you can climg ladders but its a pain). It would eliminate TONS of possible glitches including getting stuck on rooftops and that kind of thing. In the demo if you try to climb up the ladders on the concrete garages you fall down (front ladders and rear)

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