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  1. Autoupdater will be up in about 2 hours according to cOFF.
  2. 1.2.3 is released to the public. Enjoy
  3. 1.2.3 Update Over the weekend we had a good test with over 20 test members online. However, with the number of players online, issues did come to light that the programming team in Moscow will do their best to address this week. W hile it is certainly NOT A PROMISE, WE WILL DO OUR VERY BEST to release of 1.2.3 by the end of the week. Just FYI.
  4. Some people want a flight sim and quart of blood from ED. They think every flight sim should grant all their wishes of what they, as the individual, think should be in a flight sim. This just in: YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I get a kick out of people who bitch that this isn't in there or that isn't in there. Hell even I do it without knowing it when it comes to a Dynamic Campaign. A certain website I know is doing this all the time to DCS. Won't name it as I am not interested in a flame war. Flight simmers are their own worst enemy.
  5. Thustmast Uber Cougar For Sale $250 OBO

    Cougar is SOLD. Thanks for the interest.
  6. Thustmast Uber Cougar For Sale $250 OBO

    Lets try this: NO GO It wants a URL for the pic. I don't know anything about doing that.
  7. Thustmast Uber Cougar For Sale $250 OBO

    I don't have any way of posting pics. Sorry.
  8. I am selling my Uber Cougar for $250 OBO. It has less than 100 hours of use on it. It was a backup stick for CRASH, the former owner of SimHQ so less than 100 hours is an understatement. I haven't used it at all besides to see if it worked and it does beautifully.The bottom right hand castle switch is broken off on the stick. That is the only blemish on the stick. I believe it can be replaced. Buyer Pays shipping. Paypal payment only. Thanks a bunch.
  9. It isn't out yet. These are in progress works for CA.
  10. I hope you enjoy our Debrief as much as we had this past weekend.

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