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  1. going hunting...

    Was in a Stuka headed for the coast to help level some landing craft. Saw the plane in the sun, thought it was a pretty shot so i saved it. Hope you like it too.
  2. HI, I usually fly Forgotten Battles (Im addicted to it actually), and decided to get LOMAC off my shelf to give it a spin. Anyway after installation and the patches I was all ready to start a campaign/career. I wanted to fly the Warthog for its ground pounding abilities. But of course something went wrong. Apparently the default settings dont work in the career mode? Or am I doing something wrong? I have a piece of @#$% Logtek wingman joystick that I use but would like peoples input at far as flight and weapons input settings go. I heard LOMAC was hard to figure out, but I wasnt expecting this. Oh... I can fly fine, but I cant fire any weapons. Help please?
  3. Hi, I've had SFP1 for quite awhile now, and recently started playing again. Im a Forgotten Battles junkie myself. Anyway how do you download the skins for the planes, for example the F100. I saw a skin that I like and downloaded it to the Objects/Aircraft/ and whatever plane it went to folder. I extracted it using Winzip and I apparently didnt do something right, because it doesnt show up in a drop down window when I pick out the plane. Im adept at downloading skins for Forgotten Battles, but that doesnt relate to SFP1 i know, because every site has their way of doing things. Can someone help me out on this please?
  4. Hi, First of all congrats on picking what I think is the BEST flight sim ever. Please once you get ver 1.2 installed, look up the IL2 Forgotten Battles website for more patches. There is the Ace Expansion Pack which is available in stores (I got mine at MediaPlay), and since that release, there have been 2 patches for it. Again, those can be found on the UBI's Forgotten Battles site. IL2 skins.com is an excellent source of skin downloads for the planes in the game. You will need an extracting program like WinZip to download them. IL2 skins also has a links button where you can start to "expand your horizons" as far as looking into the vastness of the FB community. Also, if your pretty adept at flying already, look into IL2 Air Racing.com for the racing aspect of the game. I am a member of that community and we hold races on Friday and Saturday for official points. (The winner at the end of the year basically gets bragging rights). If your interested in that, contact the site admin to register and pick out a racing number. Someone mentioned Hyperlobby. Excellent choice for online gaming. I usually go down in flames myself as the competion can be quite good. Last but not least before I bore you to death (LOL), There is a sqadron page on UBI 's forums for anyone looking to join a virtual squadron. There are many great squads to pick from depending on what your preferences are. If you join one, you will probably need to download either Teamspeak, Ventrillo, or Roger Wilco so you can talk to your squad members while in-flight. I hope I haven gotten too windy on this, but I get excited and want to help any new people along that want to get into Forgotten Battles. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to post a message. IF you join Hyperlobby, I go by AWL_Dixie. The AWL is for Allied Wing Legion which is a virtual squad that I am a member of. I go by the same name on the air racing servers. Again, hope I havent bored you and welcome to the best flying community and flight sim, IL2 FB. Oh yeah, just one more word... UBI is fixing on a new flight sim for FB called Pacific Fighters which will probably be release sometime next spring. It promises to have lots of carrier action as well. Best regards, DixieChick

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