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  1. HI, I just bought IL2 FB today! I have heard alot about the game and wanted to give it a try. I am d/l 1.21 patch. Can someone give me some ideas and websites to check out? Thanks SailorDoc
  2. Am I allowed to make a backup copy of the original LOMAC disc?? I do not want to continually use the original whenever I start the game and run the possibility of scratching or causing other damage. Any suggestions, greatly appreciated.
  3. New Truck!

    I just got a new truck a few days ago. I have really been excited about it! But after viewing Mr. Mudds pics I think I just as excited about LOMAC coming out as I am about my truck. Life is pretty darn good.
  4. I am new to flight sims for the most part, I have been pretty much locked in to Falcon. I had no clue was LOMAC was. Then I saw some of the screen shots and videos. I think I'm getting a clue. Absolutely awesome stuff. I think I'm a believer.

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