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  1. Thanks to all the guys that tested/created this adjustements!!! this thread really helped me a lot, and that Loman is a great piece of software!! :D . I was about to archive Lock On on where CFS3 is... -S- Tenato.
  2. Some British Ships

    First of all I want to say hello to verybody, since this is my first post on the forums :). Just find out about this Sim, and suddenly got exited by the The graphics quality of this sim which is a.m.a.z.i.n.g :o and most of all, a promise I'll finally be able to fly argeantinean aircrafts !!! I had modelled for the PF (Il2 Sturmovik sequel) and know the huge amount of work it takes to put together a veliable simulator. Videos are excellent !! Congrats to the whole DevTeam for their fantastic work!! Can't wait to fly my A4 Skyhawk!! Regards. ~S~ Tenato.

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