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  1. where tha f*** can i get ne new patch for lock on ???
  2. Someone can tell me when lock on v1.1 goes out exactly ! because people said that it goes out november 2004 ! we are already at 13 and nothing !!!! thanks
  3. HIM HERE !!!!!!!!!!! Post #28
  4. can u tell me how to turn on the recorder to view replays later and what is the "aperture 256mb ) that was wright in the last post ?

    i have the latest one's too but someone said that they are not the better one for lock on . thank u
  6. Someone can tell me what is the best drivers for lock on for my ATI RADEON 9800 pro ? thank u
  7. Need Help!

    thank u guys but did u know if i can land somewhere without having runway or roads ?
  8. i have a geforce 4 with the last detonator drivers
  9. hello again . i have graphical problem and they are very strangesome of the aim 120 of the f-15 are translucide i can see threw and it happens in f-18 when i swith to external view's but all the f-18 is translucide not just the missiles but all the plane hellp me please , thank u
  10. Someone can tell me how to perform an emergency landing or if it's possible ??? thank u

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