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  1. The stated recommended processor seems a bit low to me for the eye candy I've seen in the screen shots. Having said that, I hope it's true. I know I get very good results (surprisingly) from Forgotten Battles on my low end system (T-Bird 1ghz, 768mb _pc133 ram, ATI 7200 Radeon, WinME). I guess it's all in the coding? So when flying low over the water, (or over dense scenery areas) with heavy action, the recommended system will deliver smooth frame rates? Congratulations!! My next question is this: Why not model the Apache-D Longbow instead of the A version? The other helos seem to be a bit more modern. Since the gunner is AI controlled, not all the systems would have to be so detailed, would they? With the D version, the pilot could might be able to switch targets much quicker. Let me know what's up with the system requirements at least. I want to be ready for a great experience when Fair Strike comes out. regards, Darryl
  2. I need to know this for my future upgrade path; what are specs of the system Fair Strike is being tested on by the developers? The graphics look terrific, but I can see where there would be a lot of stutters, or low frame rates on my 1gig amd T-bird. Please don't tell me what the minimum system spec is. Tell me what the optimum system spec should be to get those great shots of helos flying low over the water. thanks! darryl
  3. well, I finally got it at a different EB. $29.99. Now to see what all the fuss is about. thanks for all your tips! D
  4. tc, I must have just missed the special. It's $35.00 now. Still, thanks for the tip. But it must be here somewhere locally. I've read online that guys have boughtit from EB, but I've called (one store) and I'm told it's not available yet. I'll try another eb store. darryl
  5. So far, no joy at EB (not in, no due date), no joy at Best_Buy; Circuit_City. I did locate it online at Babbagges, but I'm still looking for a local retailer. I'll check CompUSA. Thanks for the replies, guys Darryl
  6. where can I buy Strike Fighters? I'm in Cinti, Ohio. thanks! darryl

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