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  1. what am I doing now?

    this is all quite amazing you guys are doing fantastically !!
  2. Hi folks !! The 504 have been around way before Lockon was released and are active in the LomacLeague. We now got spare seats up for grabs in the Fighter and Bomber Wings !! With the release of the Su25T looming close now is a great time to get in a Su25K Squad with over a year of dedicated Frog experience. We also need dedicated MiG pilots for the FighterWing and Fast FAC Su33 pilots for BW coops. We have 2 TeamSpeak servers and use of a 30mbit Lomac server ! Forums and Website and the usuall MSN/ICQ channels. Regular missions and Training evenings set twice a week so you will be up to speed with the Frog and MiG in no time at all and a team of friendly members to help you in anyway possible. Each member gets their own @vvs504.co.uk email account !! :D Interested ? Contact me on MSN (discotech@ntlworld.com) or pop along to our board (www.vvs504.co.uk) and chat with our members. Hope to seeya all soon. PS 504 is now open to squad challenges from all LOMAC Squadrons.
  3. Looking for instructors and ATC controlers

    wow !! thats a fantastic thing youve got there will have a look around

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