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  1. I agree with Argon. While ROF isn't perfect it is coming along nicely. Its still only just over a year old, tbh I'll still regard it as a beta till a few more 2 seaters and the new campaign get released, once they're in place ROF will be an excelent all round product. As it is there's still plenty available to keep me interested though, nothing else has ROFs dynamic damage modelling, gfx and feeling of flight. ROF's able to fill my flightsim needs at the moment. Jason and the 777 dev's seem to be listening to the community and developing ROF in the directions most would want to see it go, good luck to them.
  2. New Rise of Flight Release

    ROF seems to like dual cores under XP and Quads or more under Win7. Using XP a GTX285 and a hardly blistering Core Duo E8500 (3.16ghz) I get playable framerates even in a 30 aircraft furball, there's a noticeable slowdown though. With any less aircraft than that in the air its silky smooth. I have everything maxed out gfx wise, just HDR off as it looks rank imo.
  3. New Rise of Flight Release

    Apparently with the new flares comes the ability to shoot were you're looking, FPS style. Of course that also opens up the possibility of hand held weapons sometime in the future. I know its a small thing but the new bouncing flares do look very cool :)
  4. New Rise of Flight Release

    The over contrasty, shiny image in that screenie is easy to fix. 1)Turn HDR off in the options, the contrast levels end up way too high. 2)Adjust the gamma levels with the options menu sliders, with HDR off I have it set at default. 3)Desaturation can be tweaked in the startup.cfg file in the ROF/ data folder. 1.0 is default, I like the desaturated look so have it set to 0.75. 4)If you don't like the Bloom, with HDR off I do, then you can turn it off in the options menu. Screens with HDR off, Bloom on, saturation 0.75, gamma default.
  5. Differential braking is modelled. If you use rudder and press the brake key it apply's brakes to the side you have the rudder turned. Common on Russian aircraft apparently.

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