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  1. I just got myself FE2 after my old pc died with capun's sfp1 Spanish War. This looks very promising and will definitely be far more accessible for the public in general.
  2. F/A-18C Centennial of Naval Aviation VFA-106

    Looks good!
  3. The SR-71A Upgrade Repack (*)

    That model from Insky was removed due to it infringing a copyrighted model.
  4. The last bit becoming a reality makes you wonder what awaits for the future of aviation.
  5. How can I buy Razbam's F-102 Delta Dagger?

    I'm then lucky to get the f-102 and F-2H. Those were worth the spent at the time.
  6. This YouTube series remind to those done by SelenicMartian at Let's play archives: https://lparchive.org/Strike-Fighters-2/ SelenicMartian went both to highlight games behavior, mechanics, limitations and bugs as well as history and details of the stock SF2 titles war theaters and planes.
  7. Where did you get those beautiful Russian choppers ??

  8. Malaysian F/A-18D Skin

    A unseen foreign service fa-18 brought out the shadows.
  9. Tornado GR.1 Desert Storm

    Great update with the new cockpit and switching between rear and front cockpit pilots.
  10. MiG-29UB 9-51 Series

    Thanks man, great addon and stunning work, I'm loving it!
  11. Ka-50 and Mi-28 havoc Helicopters are heading on to provide close air support.
  12. Su-47 berkut Engages F-4E from ROKAF Before they lead an air ground attack.
  13. F-16 Cockpits with NVG

    There's no model of the block 70 anywhere yet for SF2 AFAIK
  14. T-34C Mentor From Argentine Navy during the Falklands military occupation.

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