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  1. Attila 1979

    OK, I think the F-102 from Razbam it's a problem, it appears no longer to be on sale for the Strike fighters Series, but I'm sure veltro2k's one and a Greek skin set is available here at CA. I think it is found over the mescalero proving grounds mod and as a set alone skin on the download section.
  2. Quite so but as I said early it is feasible to bring YAP3 up to SF2 standards by editing FMs and else, except for the models, thus obviously remain as they are due to the copyright of the owner and just as with Sf stock objects, you can't distribute them without consent. Some modders have already upgraded some YAP3 models, mostly ships to work along SF2NA. The main problem is the required testing and understanding of making anything SF2 workable which translates into time and the ability of those few who know what to do.
  3. I am not a sfp1 to SF2 guruu but it is always more feasible to get older models to work with SF2 due to previous plug-ins still appear over SF2, the same can't be said if we were to bring newer models brought to the game with more recent plugins for SF2 to sfp1. What I can say is that SF2 brought some new features that will lack on any sfp1 made model as this are exclusive of the latest series. Also YAP3 uses stock WoV objects so you will want to replace those with the already SF2V working stock objects.
  4. IIRC it was intended for SF Wings over Vietnam. Although the conversion of several items from YAP3 to the SF2 platform is possible, it requires you to know what is to be tweaked and according to the type in regard (say the terrain, effects, weps etc) the lines to be changed or added may vary. I acquired YAP3 for the carriers and some unique models to YAP mostlyand with some help I've finally used a few and managed to land and takeoff in each L and R with aid of the mission editor. Out of that tool I haven't tried them out nor I know whether it will be possible to perform those task. I shall keep checking it so I can point out some highlights.
  5. I just got myself FE2 after my old pc died with capun's sfp1 Spanish War. This looks very promising and will definitely be far more accessible for the public in general.
  6. F/A-18C Centennial of Naval Aviation VFA-106

    Looks good!
  7. The SR-71A Upgrade Repack (*)

    That model from Insky was removed due to it infringing a copyrighted model.
  8. The last bit becoming a reality makes you wonder what awaits for the future of aviation.
  9. This YouTube series remind to those done by SelenicMartian at Let's play archives: https://lparchive.org/Strike-Fighters-2/ SelenicMartian went both to highlight games behavior, mechanics, limitations and bugs as well as history and details of the stock SF2 titles war theaters and planes.
  10. Where did you get those beautiful Russian choppers ??

  11. Malaysian F/A-18D Skin

    A unseen foreign service fa-18 brought out the shadows.
  12. Tornado GR.1 Desert Storm

    Great update with the new cockpit and switching between rear and front cockpit pilots.
  13. MiG-29UB 9-51 Series

    Thanks man, great addon and stunning work, I'm loving it!
  14. Ka-50 and Mi-28 havoc Helicopters are heading on to provide close air support.
  15. Su-47 berkut Engages F-4E from ROKAF Before they lead an air ground attack.

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