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  1. Does anyone remember what happened with the Crotale Sam launcher once being made. I think whiteboysamurai who was leading the proyect has long left the site, but who knows if he lent any part of the work here.
  2. Mirage F-1EDA

    Such a nice addition, thank you a lot!
  3. Meteors Over Israel. SF2.

    Wow, this is such a nice and eagerly awaited addition. Now that this is israel meteors pack, Are Arab meteors any possible too?
  4. So they walk on top of the water? Maybe the right definition is floating Tanks, or even sinking-immune tanks.
  5. And I got tanks climbing almost 90° degree tilt hills with no speed loss or gravity effect at all.
  6. Taliking about mk 83 bomb operators; There was an article where it was said that the Saab gripen from the flygvapnet could carry mk 83s.
  7. Hummm, so you are asking for a head-on view of it? Gotta see what I can find.
  8. Are the Gbu-32/Gbu-35 based on the Mk-83/BLU-110 ? Also what about the enhanced GBU-31(/32) enhanced versions.
  9. Su-33 SKINS and INIs

    It is probably on Modern Warfare Korea or war for Taiwan campaigns.
  10. Im working in the tail Unit markings for the 8th and 7th FS F-117s too.
  11. Yes it's true, it looks a bit off position, i will try to fix that and i´ll take your advice too. here is another insignia, this one from the 8th FS Black Sheep. It is a modified Decal from the web (just adjusted size, resolution and colour)
  12. based on some Pics, This is what i've tried to do so far. 9th FS Flying knights My PC has low Specs, sorry for the very bad Resolution.
  13. Well, i found this link http://www.f-117a.com/Serial.html. There seems to be every single F-117 on existence, except that it doesn't clarifies to which 49th Fighter Wing squadron each serial number belongs. Regarding about making decals, i know how decals for this game are made , but still don't know how use gimp/photoshop properly.

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