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  1. a hint for those who has the first game and they can't move on to the second generation because of what they built from all these add-ons,over the time ...take the latest post for example, the JF17 ,go and move out the JF17ini. to the desktop or new folder for example,look in your game for F-4 C lets say, copy it & paste it in JF17 folder,rename it as JF17,open it and delete its content, go back to the JF17 ini on the desktop, open it & copy its contents,paste it into the newly created and renamed ini inside the JF17 folder ..note (not all the 2nd Gen. aircrafts models works,you have to try)at the end you can right click on the hangar and the loading JPG photoes and choose PAINT >choose -save as- bmp. the hangar photo has to be 1024-768 so it doesn't flick..also change the JPGs to bmp. inside the skin folder ..
  2. Since a while I see new posted aircrafts on the 2nd generation site (MIG-LFI,SU-51,SU-54,FA-21,F-118,Storm FGR1)and no attempts to make flyable in the 1st. generation,is that possible?.. thanks for whom may try to help ..
  3. Hawker Siddeley Strom FGR.1

    how to request the Gen 1 lods?

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