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  1. Veltro2k i tried to PM you but your inbox is full, I can help you if you want to. PM me or email me at matsliljeroos (at) gmail (dot) com
  2. Mission six Deep strike! A repeat of the last mission, this time we were ordered to destroy a fuel tank at Drewitz airbase. Going in with a simple two ship formation, I decided to try out some Walleye PGMs while my wingman loaded up on dumb bombs. As per usual I had a complement of A2A missiles and a gunpod. As we approached the target area we were going close to the speed of sound and were relatively unchallanged. I ordered my wingman to go in first and he hit the deck. I continued to shadow him from above, ready to attack any agressors or take on the objective should he fail. Pretty soon ground control alerted me to the presence of bandits coming in from 10' o clock. I swiftly changed direction to meet them head on and challange them, buying time for my wingman. The radar gave a lock and I let a Sparrow fly but it failed and by then we were already within visual range! My ears barely recognized my wingmans radio call that the target was hit, as migs were zipping by me and I manouvred around at full burners and high speed, ditching the Walleyes. I clearly had gotten in a lot more trouble than I bargained for. Burners screaming I headed south towards friendlies while my wingman crept up behind the bandits. The ensuing furball must have been epic in proportions but I had little time to think about that as a Fishbed was pursuing me with a determination. Getting worried about my fuel supply I had to reduce thrust. My wingman was trailing the bandit but apparently did not get a firing solution on him. Twice I dodged Atolls before I tried to get high and vertical using my momentum to my advantage. Unfortunately the Mig-pilot was a real good stick-jockey and I could not get on his tail through a series loops. I was low on E and had lost some of my lead so I decided to head south again trying to stay out of his gun-range. My wingman finally caught up and engaged the skilled Mig-flier but he evaded all my wingmans AAMs. I was flying on fumes by then and ordered my wingman to disengage and head back to base. I realized I was not going to make it, it was now a race for friendly lines. Luckily I made it and ejected over friendlies, though it pained me to watch the F-4 become an expensive lawn dart...
  3. Thx all! Yes they are for the recent Cats by TMF, they are for an Iran Iraq conflict ofcourse, but does anybody know if anybody is working to bring the Iran-Iraq campaign to SF2? I would love to be a part of that effort! And yes i hope to release these once im satisfied and get the decals working.
  4. Persian 'Cat (in need of a new coat of paint) custom skin, still work in progress.. Think I might have overdone the weathering
  5. I don't know if you still need help with mapping and skinning, but I would love to help. I'm fairly good at the stuff, send me a PM if you are interested and I can send some work sample pics. Looks great btw!
  6. Lt. Al Koholic's 68' Europe Campaign After Action Report(s) I feel i wanted to post some of the incredible campaign time i've been having with SF2 and Nato Fighters IV+. This is the first campaign so far that I've not gotten my ass handed to me, I feel like im getting a hang of how to fight and live to tell about it in the F-4. So I give you the story of one lieutenant Al Koholic who is flying for the USAFs 55th TFS, riding the F-4D Phantom II into battle. So far I am three missions into the campaign, which got off to a bit of a bumpy start. 1st mission Night Time CAS Green and barely ready for it, I was tasked to put some hurt on the communist tractor drivers to prevent a breakthrough in our lines. Me and my wingman went jet engines roaring off the runway to help the mean green fighting machines on the ground. Nothing could quite prepare us for the mayhem of full-blown warfare. I loaded up some CBUS and two SUU-23 gunpods, feeling the need to be ready for anything. My wingman was loaded with rockets and a gunpod, with the plan for us to sweep in hard and fast, expend our ordinance and bug out. But, as they say, the best laid plans of men and mice oft go astray.. We were greeted with a sea of fire on the ground, and to make matters worse we picked up a flight of Soviet bombers as we prepared our strafing run. Deciding to switch roles, I went after them and ordered my wingman to pound the tanks. I downed one Beagle and went after another one but in the excitement i found myself overflying directly an area filled with AAA fire, both blue and red. Not being a lucky fellow, I got hit pretty hard and barely had time to bug out. Luckily, I bailed out on the right side of friendly lines and managed to walk my sorry and wounded ass back to friendlies... I survived, but just barely, and learned a dear lesson about survival in an air combat enviroment.. Second mission Fitter blues A fairly straight-forward affair of intercepting a flight of enemy mud-movers approaching friendlies, me and my wingman got straight on the job. Not difficult. Ground control vectored us to the flight of unfortunates quite quickly and trough the magic of BVR missiles we broke up their formation pretty hard, destroying three SU-7s in the matter of minutes. I gunned another one but it limped back to base... To my regret my wingman got shot down and captured in the furball that ensued, but I made it back. Third mission Homeland security This mission was some welcome payback time, as a sorry flight of commie fliers had taken it upon them to try and bomb our home base. In a matter of minutes me and my wingman were airborne and vectored towards the incoming flight. They didn't even see it coming, and we both racked up a few MiG kills before they turned tail and left. Job well done. Fourth mission Evening Sead Well, just as I began to feel comfortable in my A2A role, HQ tasked us to deal with some air defences for a strike package. Not only was this something I was inexperienced with, the target was located in the northern DDR meaning a flight trough some decidedly unfriendly skies. Well, atleast the sunset was pretty. I decided to load up on Shrikes and AAMs and let my wingman roll with CBUs and a gunpod, planning to let me silence radars on the ingress and then having my wingman mop up AAA while I cover him. Wiser, and more fearful, from my clash with AAA we rolled hot and high to avoid getting tangled up into anything on our way to the target area. The area was teeming with both friendly air and Soviet interceptors, but we managed to stay out of it. On our ingress to the target area we got lit by ground radars. Diving for cover I launched a couple of Shrikes which atleast shut one of the radars up temporarely. I expended all my anti-radiation missiles without results as we screamed for the airfield and ordered my wingman to take on the AAA guns. I loitered the area watching for bandits and keeping the SAM radars busy. I also tangled with a Mig-17 expending my AAMs. My wingman managed to destroy a couple of guns before being hit by ground fire. I ordered him to abort and RTB. Almost winchester and with no gun I joined up and we headed back. The mission was a failure with only three destroyed guns and one beat up F-4. Fifth mission Strike! After the letdown at SEAD and with lessons learnt, we took on our next strike mission with relish. This time we would be the hard-hitters (wonder why they didn't task us with SEAD?) and the target area was easier to get to. Not confident in my bombing provess I loaded up on only two Mk-84s to leave rail space for AAMs, while i let my wingman take a heavy load of Mk-82 bombs. The flight was uneventful until we got the target area, Soviet ground control apparently got caught with their pants down as our escort flight were only preoccupied with downing an enemy transport. Unchallanged up high, I felt the adrenaline surging as we neared the target. Diving down to race before my wingman, I lined up the run as best I could. http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/6417/img00391dn.jpg I had already ordered my wingman to attack as I let my bombs go, not feeling confident I had got a perfect hit. A peek in the rear view mirror confirmed it was a near miss! My wingman apparently did not share my ineptitude at bombing for he reported that all of his twelve bombs hit the runway. That's gonna take a while to repair! After some cheerful banter in the comms we joined up and went for our home base. A second strike package was already upon the base and reported taking out the radar and guns. But apparently the East germans had finally caught up and had come to play ball. Panic erupted on the comms as the first SEAD jet got gunned down. The other jet turned south and headed away, pleading for assistance. Ground control did not seem to consider us for the job, so I took the matter into my own hands and turned around. Apparently the MiGs were so overcome with their hunting instinct they forgot to have a look around. My first sparrow impacted clearly into the lead Fresco ending the hunt then and there, turning the tables of the fight. My wingman went after one Fishbed while I trailed the other one. Using burners generously I engaged in a turning fight getting quite low at times. The fisbed was dangerously close on my six at one time but my wingman forced him to give up the chase allowing me to beutifully come up on his six. Splash one bandit, and an outstanding mission success! to be continued...
  7. Just got into SF2 for the first time, tried WOE back in the day but man has this sim come a long way! Reaper of the sky Check six! Uh oh Break Break Flares! Unsuspecting Phantoms The Result Dogfight Man, three campaign missions generated 200 screenshots.. action cam for the win
  8. Hey all! I recently spotted WoE on the net and I've been looking all over for such a sim and it seems great! Now the only thing that bothers me is that its a bit one sided in the modeling of fighters, I'd be very much interested in making some eastern jets flyable like the MiG-29A/MiG-29S or the Su-27 to balance it out, but from what i've gathered these jets are already in the work? I have a about 1,5yr experience in modelling in 3ds Max as well as texturing so I think i'd do alright, ofcourse i'd need to read up alot on tutorials and so. What do you the community think is needed in terms of eastern aircraft? I understand that many dont want them at all but those that do what'd you like to see? Here is what i'd like to make: 1) Mig-29A/S but also more advanced versions like M2 or OVT to balance F22s and so 2) Su-30 Flanker series 3) Su-27 Flanker variants 4) MiG-23/27 cockpit?
  9. Hey! I really want to play this campaing but the F-104G it speaks of, i presume is the official f-105g addon for strike fighters and i cant seem to install it to WOE, is there a zipped version anywhere? Please help!
  10. Ok all ive found some great mig-23/27 resources on the net however there is a problem, as the plugins for Max are only for v. 3 or 4, but i have v. 5 and 7... I'd really like a sample pit in .max format to look at when building it to get scale right and all that. Do you know any modders who would perhaps be willing to collaborate?
  11. Ok, by the sounds of perhaps I should make a MiG-23 / 27 cockpit first. It might be a good learning experience. If anyone has any good reference pic links or tutorial links it'd be great!

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