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  1. Dumb Question

    Mark, You're looking for the A1 Skyraider - Sandy was an Airforce Nickname for this venerable USN warhorse... In USAF service they earned their place in history for taking part in so many rescaps... not to mention doing the same in the Navy, as well as even bagging a few Mig-17's... BM
  2. Hi again Ferrit... Yup. The F-14B is being worked on by the Tomcat team; The D model will have to await cockpit enhancements that allow for the glass cockpit. There's been a screenshot of the F-14B W.I.P. over at C5's site. Badgerman1961
  3. Ferrit, Yes it can be done; Check out Mytai01's VF-51 F4B skin - it's fantastic. Badgerman1961

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