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  1. Im Back Guys!

    Hey thanks. Mark
  2. Hey all some of you might remember me, I havent been on for A LONG TIME! Well im back now and doing good. Nice to see some of my old posts still exist, and on the fromt page still! Well I expect to be getting more stick time on the fighters here. BTW, I need a copy of WOV for my home computer now that I have a joystick, where are they still selling? Mark P.S. What is the website for Bunyap's website? I seem to have lost it.....
  3. Some pictures from my phone

    Like Dagger said keep your head down and good luck friend. Mark
  4. Okay thx man, i owe you one.
  5. Okay, First thx for your fast reply, second, how do i run the intercept missions on the bombing ranges. third its the B-58A that I cant run a strike on the Ranges wiht, even blue range. Mark
  6. Okay, I have 2 problems. 1. I try to load up a mig-cap on bombing range with any aircraft, it goes to desktop. 2. Certain planes B-58, B47 will not run a strike on that terrain, it CTD, however it works on Vietnam. Unrelated ? is that there are no enemy migs when i fly in say 2006, how do I get them to show up? Mark
  7. Forgive me

    okay thx, i knew I was doing something wrong *Bashes head on desk* Mark
  8. Forgive me

    Only option? BTW thx for the fast response
  9. Okay i meesed up, i was installing some add-ons from a clean install. I went Direct x then the WoV patch, now i can load up okay, but If i click any option on the menu it goes black and I press Esc to CTD, waht can I do, because I REALLY dont want to reinstall. Mark :slow(en): :slow(en):
  10. Hey Jug, When did you fly U-2s? My Grandpa worked on them for a while and it would be weird if you 2 knew eachother. Mark
  11. Okay, my next question would be, how? Mark P.S. Thx to all who have helped me thus far.
  12. Ya, I know, Im about 16 yrs old so I would have to empty my bank account to get it :) , But when school starts up Im going to see if I can get it from the computer lab tech. He has a few copies of it if i remember correctly. Mark P.S. What would I need to make a skin, I know I need the .BMPs modded, but what .ini work do i need to do?
  13. Flak in WOV

    The AAA gunners would be picking my plane off there barrels, I doubt I would make the target.
  14. Flak in WOV

    I have made it through a couple of times with my F-4 at REALLY low levels, im talking 10-15ft above the deck. I chose not to take off so I would have enough gas, I went full burner and jinked like hell. Made it through 2 bomb runs on the bridge. First flight my 500lb bombs I was carrying missed. I turned back and pickled my 2000lbers. Mark

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