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  1. What happened to the pictures in the original post???? CB
  2. 2008 Airrace Album

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing. I was lucky enough to get to go to Reno in '02. Everyone should go to the air races at least once. CB
  3. Wingman doesn't fire his guns!

    Thanks. Will do. The thing is, I was under the impression that this problem had been taken care of in previous ThirdWire sims. I must have been wrong (even though I've been "flying" all of them since they came out). CB
  4. How do I get my wingman to start doing his job -- which is to shoot down enemy planes? And if it's a four-plane flight the second pair of planes are just as bad. I can shoot down 15 planes and the rest of my flight is just along for the ride. This is just like SF:P1 was when it first came out. This is what I call regression. This sim needs a patch or something to wake up the player's wingmen. It can't be the a.i. itself because the a.i. enemy planes know how to shoot. Does anyone know what's going on with this situation? CB
  5. AI MOD version 3 beta..

    One thing about steel, it doesn't burn. After installing these mod's the only damage that I could do to other planes most of the time was to kill their engines. Then they would make a deadstick landing. I was able to shoot down a total of around 10 planes and of those I was only able to shoot off more than tiny pieces of the enemy plane (at the most) in every case except one when I was able to shoot off both right wings. There was absolutely no smoke or flames in any case whatsoever. And the "topper" was that out of the approx. 10 planes that I got I only received credit for 3 (the rest were parked in various farmer's fields around the countryside). Please don't take this as a complaint or criticism in any way. I appreciate all the time and effort to make F.E. a better sim. Keep up the good work. CB p.s. I went into the "ini" files and changed the steel armor to wood (but haven't flown since then).
  6. Finally got it to work. The editor in the latest weapons pack was the same one I was using. I guess I just got lucky and accidentally did the right thing at the right time. Maybe it will be easier (as in "less difficult) next time. Thanks again for your help. CB
  7. I neglected to mention that I'm trying to add this item to WOV (not SF-P1). That probably makes a difference. And WOE doesn't even have a Weapons folder under the Objects folder. So I assume that new items can't even be added to WOE. CB
  8. I have the one that came with the game. The "exe" file is version Is there a newer one available somewhere? CB
  9. I downloaded the files for adding camo fuel tanks for the F100. I followed the instruction in the accompanying readme file and put the files where they belong and added the entry to the weaponsdata.ini file. But when it came to using the weapons editor to "activate" the new item I've tried everything that I can think of to add the items to the game without any success whatsoever (they're still silver). I found and read a thread here somewhere in these forums about using the weapons editor. Everything seems to go according to the instructions until I try to save the "new" "weaponsdata" file -- it won't let me. How do you do something (which should be ultra simple) like add fuel tanks to the game? There has to be an easier way than this. Thanks for any help. CB

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