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  1. It's a laptop, so no unplugging possible. Since it only happens with SF2, I'm guessing it's not a driving or device related issue. I'll experiment with the Windows key theory later when I get a chance.
  2. I'm not 100% sure but I feel like maybe it's happened when I've tried to pause (ALT+P). I wonder if I'm hitting Windows key by accident...
  3. I'm hoping this has come up somewhere already and someone knows if there's a cause/fix... Just reinstalled SF2 after not having it installed or playing for several years. I had my installation folder and mod folders backed up on a hard drive and simply drag and dropped them back into place. Occasionally during flight the keyboard will stop responding altogether. I can't pause, I can't change views, I can't alt-D to change HUD, and hitting ESC does not exit the mission. Sometimes if I mash keys furiously, I get keyboard input back, but sometimes I then lose them again. Most of the time this has happened, I have to alt-TAB and close the SF2 window from there. Upon restarting the game, everything works fine. This seems to happen maybe once every 5-8 flights. Anyone else experienced this? I'm running on Win10.
  4. Hey - sorry to bump an old thread. Were the consolidated .ini fixes for the Razbam A-6 pits ever made available anywhere?
  5. Ya, I saw that one. He might stress me out sitting next to me with that excited look in his eyes, but I could give it a try. I also saw the Top Gun Jester model in the downloads section. That could be fun also... Would prefer more of a generic USN pilot look, but if not, the two options above should work.
  6. Does anyone know if there's a hi-res USN pilot model available? I've reinstalled SF2, and would like to put a higher resolution pilot in the BN seats of the A-6 and F-111. Looking over and seeing that blury helmet kind of kills the immersion...
  7. I always felt that IL-2 did a much better job at flight models and capturing the feel of flying WWII era prop aircraft. So the WWII mods for SF1/SF2 that did exist were never really any interest to me.
  8. It's not about whether it can be done in general. It depends on what campaign mods you are trying to install. There are some files or objects that are edited to specifically reflect that object in that particular campaign or theater. And if that same file or object was edited to be specific for that campaign in more than one of the campaigns you are installing, whichever one you install last will overwrite the others, and that could break things. It's entirely possible that the combination of campaigns your are installing could work fine together. Or it's entirely possible that the campaigns you install will completely break each other and be FUBAR. In general, if the creator of a mod has suggested a dedicated mod folder, it's best to do it that way. PS - it's not campaign files that usually interfere with each other. It's more when the mod is creating a "conflict/theater specific" mod or install, where aircraft, weapons, and objects have been tailored to suit that scenario. edit - I just re-read the list of mods you want to install, and I'm pretty sure some files will conflict. There were talks and threads a looonnngggg time ago about creating one mod pack that covered all the theaters, but I dont think it ever happened. I created one for myself, but it wasnt nearly as in depth as all the ones you listed on their own.
  9. Well, yes, I have. I have also created some of the mods in the missions/campaign section. And thoroughly tested them before-hand. And never did I come across a need to make the changes you are talking about. For someone relatively new to this forum, you are incredibly rude and cocky, and insulting to the very people who have spent their free time creating these free campaigns for you to use.
  10. I agree with others. There is no reason to edit the section of options.ini that you are editing. That is why no one is including those instructions in the readme.
  11. Your original question was why there are two maps. Hence we brought up historical accuracy, which was the purpose of the mod that has a North and South terrain. I enjoy fictional campaigns as well. The first one I modded for WoV was a LBIII set in the 90s. Creating a functioning ground war in SF2 is complex and involves a lot of time and trial and error. You'll have to add strategic nodes and ground units to the campaign file, and they'll need to utilize target areas in the map the campaign is set in (N Vietnam in your case). You can look at the stock SF2E campaigns to get an idea for how to set up a ground war and strategic modes. You can also look at Steel Tiger and Easter Offensive out of the SF2V AGXP.
  12. Like Wrench said, wouldn't be historically accurate. But on top of that, having an active ground war in a linebacker campaign would completely screw up the campaign, due to the way the campaign engine works. Trust me.
  13. It was so that campaigns could be created and tailored to best reflect the actual conflict, and allow aircraft like A-1E/H/J and F-100 to have a somewhat reasonable campaign. North Vietnam for Rolling Thunder and Linebacker campaigns, with strike aircraft hitting North Vietnamese targets in high threat areas. And South Vietnam for CAS and interdictions supporting the ground war. During to limitations of the campaign engine, you cannot achieve both on the same map.
  14. The VDI in the TW F-14 is defined the way radars are in other aircraft. The only node it calls out is the one node for the display. All the elements of the VID are defined in the avionics file like elements of radar are defined, not like individual gage elements that each have their own node. I don't have the files in front of me so I can't go into greater detail. But it's all set up differently than the aircraft that use 60 and 70 avionics .dll. I bet there's a way to do it in the A-6. It's just a matter of figuring out which lines yo copy over and edit...

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