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  1. Well, yes, I have. I have also created some of the mods in the missions/campaign section. And thoroughly tested them before-hand. And never did I come across a need to make the changes you are talking about. For someone relatively new to this forum, you are incredibly rude and cocky, and insulting to the very people who have spent their free time creating these free campaigns for you to use.
  2. I agree with others. There is no reason to edit the section of options.ini that you are editing. That is why no one is including those instructions in the readme.
  3. Your original question was why there are two maps. Hence we brought up historical accuracy, which was the purpose of the mod that has a North and South terrain. I enjoy fictional campaigns as well. The first one I modded for WoV was a LBIII set in the 90s. Creating a functioning ground war in SF2 is complex and involves a lot of time and trial and error. You'll have to add strategic nodes and ground units to the campaign file, and they'll need to utilize target areas in the map the campaign is set in (N Vietnam in your case). You can look at the stock SF2E campaigns to get an idea for how to set up a ground war and strategic modes. You can also look at Steel Tiger and Easter Offensive out of the SF2V AGXP.
  4. Like Wrench said, wouldn't be historically accurate. But on top of that, having an active ground war in a linebacker campaign would completely screw up the campaign, due to the way the campaign engine works. Trust me.
  5. It was so that campaigns could be created and tailored to best reflect the actual conflict, and allow aircraft like A-1E/H/J and F-100 to have a somewhat reasonable campaign. North Vietnam for Rolling Thunder and Linebacker campaigns, with strike aircraft hitting North Vietnamese targets in high threat areas. And South Vietnam for CAS and interdictions supporting the ground war. During to limitations of the campaign engine, you cannot achieve both on the same map.
  6. The VDI in the TW F-14 is defined the way radars are in other aircraft. The only node it calls out is the one node for the display. All the elements of the VID are defined in the avionics file like elements of radar are defined, not like individual gage elements that each have their own node. I don't have the files in front of me so I can't go into greater detail. But it's all set up differently than the aircraft that use 60 and 70 avionics .dll. I bet there's a way to do it in the A-6. It's just a matter of figuring out which lines yo copy over and edit...
  7. I tried that. The VID in the avionics file is kind of like a cross between an instrument and radar display. It's unclear to me how to call out where it gets placed and what references from the F-14 files need to get copied over. There's a line in the F-14 avionics file that references a "cockpit data file" which I something I've never seen before... it's not referring to the cockpit.ini file...
  8. Man... I know out hasn't been 12 hrs yet, but these kinds of questions used to get answered within minutes! Hopefully the right person just hasn't seen the thread yet. I can't imagine that no one knows how to do this...
  9. Can anyone help me add the Thirdwire F-14A VDI to another aircraft? I tried it myself, but I was not successful. There were some lines in the F-14 avionics that looked to be unique to that aircraft (or aircraft that use F-14 avionics dll) and I couldn't get it to work. I'm well aware that I'll lose radar capability, and that is something I'm OK with for this experiment. The specific aircraft I'm trying to add it to is the A-6A. Also - does anyone know if adding range to current waypoint to the VDI is possible? I see it's a variable for the F-14's radar, but I'm not sure if it can be added to the VDI as well... Thanks.
  10. I'd like to modify the PPI BMP for the F-16 GM radar, and I was hoping someone could let me know what format the .BMP file needs to be in and also anything about alpha channels, etc... I've experimented with this stuff in the past, but I'm no expert and need some guidance on proper file formatting. Thanks.
  11. DCS: F/A-18C

    Insta-buy, for sure.
  12. So I dug through the F-14 files and tried to get the VDI to show on the A-6A radar screen, but I got a blank, non-functional screen in-game. If anyone would care to look at what I've tried and help point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. Not sure what to do with this line from the avionics file... [F14ACockpitData] VDIMeshNodeName=vdi_component_lens A-6A_VDI test.zip
  13. Or, if I'm reading this thread right, is it possible to get the F-14 VDI in the A-6 cockpit if I forego AG radar...? I dug through some of the files, but cockpit and instrument modding is not one of my strong points...
  14. Sorry to kick up an old thread. So is it possible to place any sort of steering cue to current waypoint (HSI needle, etc) and some display of range to current way point on that display that Raven created? If so it would be possible to use that to get get to a known height and distance to drop bombs (1/2 way to a DAINE). We'd still have to have predetermined altitudes and speeds listed to drop bombs...

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