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  1. Hi! It´s possible to use the catapult again after landing on the carrier? I look for this topic everyware and didn´t find nothing?!? Thanks for your help
  2. I´m looking for cargo aircraft and some ground crew to populate my airfields? 1- directions to find the best ones that work in SF2NA? 2-I already have a few but some work others don´t, were I can find some info about statics? Thanks to all
  3. Sorry, I thought that in this "mods" forum everyone knew what was this tool, TAE - Target Area Editor from member Mue - http://combatace.com/files/file/15942-mues-toolbox/ Its perfect to add objects to your´s terrains.
  4. First of all, big thanks to Mue for this great tool. I already have some objects that I download here, but some appears on the TAE others don´t?!? I have some very good looking aircraft, all fighters, now i´m looking for cargo ones and some ground crew. Any help on this one? Thanks to all
  5. Thanks stuntman and thanks to all, After much trial and error, following your advices I found out that in my Target.ini there was two entries for the ramp object. I delete the one that not belong to the ground_platte3.lod and the scenery shows completed. Now I,m on the phase of populating Da Nang Airbase with ground crews, Any advise??
  6. Thanks 7eleven! Yes I already did that and already check if ground_platte3.lod is in the terrain...but no joy :( It´s possible that SF2 reads ground_platte3.lod in a diferent way than WOV??
  7. Hello, I know that some people in this forum did manage to install sucessfully, YAP3 on SF2. Im trying too but I need some help if you can, On Da Nang airbase the ramp on the other side of the airbase never shows, the buildings, the hangars, the rivets are there, but the floor isn´t.?!! I try to isolate the problem via targets.ini and types.ini and the problem seems to be with the TargetType ramp, which is conected with the ground_platte3.lod [TargetType230] Name=Ramp FullName=Parking Ramp ModelName=ground_platte3.lod TargetType=MISC ActiveYear=0 TargetValue=1000 UseGroundObject=FALSE DamagePoint=140.0 ArmorValue=0.0 ArmorType=0 RepairRate=10.0 StartDetectChance=100 StartIdentifiedChance=50 IncreaseDetectChanceKey=10 MaxVisibleDist=30000.0 ZBufferOffset=6.000000 FlatObject=TRUE DamagedModel= DestroyedEffect= DestroyedModel= SecondaryChance=0 Anybody knows why this target appears on WOV a don´t on SF2?!? Thanks to all
  8. First of all thanks to Stary and JonathanRL! Just one question, Why is Ocean_data.ini is so diferent from other terrains? I ask this, because, due to my weak graphic card, in other terrains, I have to change water characteristics just to have acceptable water, and normally changing somethings in xxxterrainxxx_DATA.ini solve the problem, but in this terrain I don't know what to change, Changing ocean_water.bmp is not enough. I hope someone can help me Thanks
  9. I found it : ) !!!! Missions date was the problem...I was using an specific WW2 install but mission builder always gives 1960 date...once I change manually mission date to 1942, I began to have populated decks!!! Of course only after I have used all your advice...step by step you get there!! Thanks to all
  10. Hi and thanks for your answers I have tested all your advices...but no planes on deck :( I tested: "In the terrain.ini file (which is NavalMap=TRUE ), and proper, 256-color, water maps with carrier areas denoted on them" "the particular terrain. ini must have the naval force mentioned." "In the the terrain_Nations.ini, add the particular naval force you want. e.g; FriendlyNation004=USN" "Another thin I noticed was in SF2NA would be make sure the aircraft you use is the same nation as the Carrier" Terrains tested with no success: NewGuinea Phillipines Midway (RisingSun) Sollomons (RisingSun) The only that works is: Open Ocean Map by JonathanRL Any more Help? Thanks
  11. Hi, Anyone knows why in (single missions) some terrains, aircraft show on carrier deck and in other terrains, don't??? Thanks to all
  12. BIG thanks for everyone, especially to Stuntman and CrazyhorseB34, This ships are the best, and your's trick work very well...only needing some texture upgrade! Thanks Thanks
  13. Hi I need some help please, How to convert YAP2 Aircraft carriers to SF2? anyone knows? Many thanks
  14. Hi guys I can't download Air & Ground War Expansion Pack because my internet conection is always failing! Can any one help on this one Many Thanks

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