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  1. Thanks Gepard, i have allready understood the solution, the saying was refering to the simple solution, i have overseen.
  2. Thanks! In german we have the saying "Ich seh den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht"... I don't see the forest for the trees....
  3. While creating new tiles, i discovered this.... Somone got a clue, why the tile texture is only displayed half? Thanks for any help!
  4. If such an aircraft with towed banner is made, make sure to add these lines (or swap them) in the aircraft's data.INI file: [DetectSystem] RadarType= VisualBlindArc=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 VisualRestrictedArc=1L,2L,3L,4L,5L,6L,7L,8L,9L,10L,11L,12L,1H,2H,3H,4H,5H,6H,7H,8H,9H,10H,11H,12H MaxVisibleDistance=6000.0 HasRWR=FALSE That will give the "enemy pilot" only a line of sight strait to the front. Otherwise, when you try to engage the banner, the AI aircraft will start to evade, or try to move itself in firing position.
  5. He sent me a PM and i told him the animation can not been splitted by INI edit. I gave him a sort of walkaround, making the canopy animation setup as tailhook. That worked for him.
  6. Eure Meinung

    Vergib mir, ich bin seit 17 Jahren Anti-Alkoholiger. Außer mal einem Schuß Wein in der Bratenoße gibts bei mir keinen Alkohol. Daher wußte ich nicht mehr, woraus der Gerstensaft besser schmeckt....
  7. So called "scripted missions", like YAP, are a different point. You can make multiple flights, were the spawn point is on the ramp, but it won't work this way for random single missions or campaigns.
  8. Yes, making the offset smaller makes the aircraft waiting closer together. To get more aircraft appear like on carriers, probably won't work on land bases. If i recall the engine function correct, the flight decks mesh name is used to set up the catapults. When you only have 4 catapults, more aircraft will appear until the flight is full. But airfields miss the entry for the "flight deck" (the runway) having systems like catapults or arresting wires.
  9. Just keep in mind, how the game engine works. The player "spawn point" can been easily adjusted, BUT, the AI wingmen positions are offset positions of that. Open the TERRAIN_Targets.ini, find the airfield you want to adjust and look for the line AirfieldDataFile=. The file written there must been adjusted. In that file you'll find these entries: TakeOffHead=0,1059 <- "Player spawn point", but also Take off point for AI. 0 means middle of the runway and 1059 the distance from the runway centerpoint to the north. TakeOffTail=0,-1053 TaxiHead[01].Heading=90 TaxiHead[01].Offset=-59.72,1079.41 <- Position of the first wingman When you start as player on the ramp (by editing the INI entries) and you start to taxi, the wingmen will taxi to your starting position and will try to take off from there. Example a 4 ship flight, you start, #2 will taxi to your position, #3 to former position of #2 and so on.
  10. From what i see, that terrain would also cover the Erhaç air base in turkey. Although they were not involved in combat, but stood ready for the case of an iraqi attack on turkish grounds, the german air force deployed 18 AlphaJet-A from Jagdbombergeschwader 43 (fighter bomber wing 43) and 8 Roland SAM systems during Desert Storm. Just a thought...
  11. Eure Meinung

    Da hast du falsch hin geschaut... Das sind die Paletten Dosenbier. Die Aufnahme entstand kurz vorm Wochenende.
  12. Eure Meinung

    So, nach einem Bastelmarathon, die letzten Tage, ist Neuburg fertig...
  13. Fix for two files, just replace them and that's it. Package is updated also with this post. TornadoIDS-Fix-18-10-2017.7z
  14. They are setup for not to jettison. The AI mostly drops fuel tanks while engaging enemies, but in real the Tornado would drop them only in case of emergency.
  15. Simple answer, yes you do. But since i made the ladder moving just far away, instead of inside the model (it caused strange shadows). So you see the model in LOD wiewer, but from a such great distance, it doesn't even get rendered.

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