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  1. Hey Lexx, Thanks for that! Just got one last issue, and that is a view issue. I can't find my keycard, and I can't remember what view F6 corresponds to. I can recall however that it is an outside view of the aircraft that can be panned around.......... Cheers Andrew.
  2. Hi community, Rather embarrasing question here that I SHOULD know the answer to........ A few days ago, one of my nephews was over and was dicking about with my computer. In doing so, he launched WoE and trashed my control / keyboard / input settings Anyway, I only seem to have the option of "Default" at this time, and it is not the original default....if that makes any sense? I just want to get the original default settings back and re-set up my X52. Any ini editing I can do to get a result? Thanks all Andrew. P.S: Still looking for that "eel factory".
  3. Happy Birthday To

    I thought I shared some good nude shots of my woman with you?????
  4. Happy Birthday To

    USAFMTL, Y'all missed mine dude....lol....21st January and the old Spectre hit 40. Any signs of me giving up the booze and women? Na, no chance at all.........lol

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