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  1. WINDOWS 7?

    hi all will JT work on windows 7 when it comes out?
  2. will we see the 2nd addon/epack of fe this year?
  3. demo this year?

    great news! on the demo i can not wait to get into the sea harrier!
  4. AI planes?

    hi i mean none flyable
  5. AI planes?

    hi all where can you JUST download AI planes to go into fe? can it be done?
  6. demo this year?

    will there be a demo out this year? can not wait for this sim! :yes:
  7. when out?

    this sim is taking so long to do when is it going to be out in the uk this year??
  8. thanks for the info i hope it will come out sooner then spring 2008
  9. can you JUST download AL planes to go into woi on the combatace downloads i can not see any.thanks
  10. hi all is there any more news on when WOI addon is going to be out. next year???
  11. looking good i hope they are flyable :yes:
  12. US Elections

    "doctor seuss" [i am from england and i think mccain will get in]
  13. CTD

    hi as any one got fe to work without CTD yet on vista?? can it be done?
  14. hi all will there be a 2nd expansion pack for FE??? and what new planes do you want in it.
  15. stop flak?

    hi all is there any way to stop the flak from working in the sim when you are dogfighting? it puts you off.

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