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  1. I agree with you.
  2. The insignias are not only tradition. They are necessary, caused by international conventions. Without markings the pilot would not be protected by the convention of Geneva. Thatswhy pilots and soldiers have uniforms. Without uniforms a captured soldier has no protection by convenion of Geneva and can be simply shot as rebel, without problems. The rememberence of the victory in WW2 is not only a russian thing. A lot of former soviet republics celebrate it. And even in the western states, like UK or France it is a big subject up today. Maybe not as big as in Russia, thats true.
  3. The Facebook site of the Mythbusters shows two trailers of a new show, called Mythbusters Jr. Adam Savage will be the presenter of the show. 10 episodes are planed so far.
  4. T-50 was the designation as prototype. In service the plane is called Su-57. Does anyone know the NATO Code name of this bird?
  5. Landed on the wrong carrier

    It seems to be, that it was common on US carriers to give planes, that landed on the wrong carrier a special paintshop. Some say it had be done during Vietnam War too.
  6. иди домой! Go home! Happend close to Kuril Islands in early 80th.
  7. True, but with SF2NA carrier ops are available. The position of the ship groups a generated randomly in a defined area. But sometimes the ship groups appear outside of the defined areas.
  8. In game the tanks are driving over the water. They do not swim. A tanks that swims looks like these: or that and so it looks if a BMP-1 force is advancing a water obstacle :
  9. So it is. If a waypoint in the movement.ini is set on the wrong place tanks and truck go over the water and ships sail over land. But: With the ships on land it can be a bug too. With Carrier groups it can happen, but this has nothing to do with the movement.ini.
  10. My 2cents. A campaign is finished if the campaigns target is achieved. That means, that the enemy or the friendly BaseArea is captured by the other side. If there is a mismatch between the campaign and the terrain map in the kind, that the BaseArea is not a target area, then the game engine decides, that the campaign is over. I would check, wheter there is a target area in the map with the same name as the BaseArea in the campaign.
  11. Sequencial tactical numbers for T-54A.
  12. The article has some errors. The F-86F had not had six 20mm guns. It had six 12,7 mm machine guns. The MiG-17 was not used during Korea War. It was planed to use the plane by end 1953 with a new rotation of soviet pilots of 64th IAK. But the war was already over at this time. The MiG-19 was used in East Germany too. There the plane was not loved. Neither by pilots, nor by technicians. The reliabilty was low. The fuel tanks leaked constantly. Ponts of fuel swam in the airframe and had to removed by towels. While starting the engines you had to check the direction of the wind first, otherwise it could happen that only one engine starts, the other not. And, and, and. The MiG-19 was an nightmare. But other Air Forces had good experiences with it.
  13. Wisst Ihr, einen Vorteil hat es, wenn man in der DDR aufgewachsen ist. Man ist misstrauisch. Vor allem bei dem was über elektronische Kommunikationswege läuft bzw. anormal läuft. Das kommt vielleicht daher, dass es in der alten schlechten Zeit immer mal wieder einen gewissen Jemand gab, der mithörte, was am Telefon gesprochen wurde. Damals bekam man es mit, wenn irgendetwas im Hörer knackte oder rauschte, wo es für gewöhnlich nicht knackte oder rauschte. Da entwickelte man so einen sechsten Sinn dafür, das etwas nicht stimmte. Und dieser sechtse Sinn hat sich kürzlich bei mir wieder gemeldet. Und siehe da, ich habe in diesem Forum einen Follower, der sich noch nie irgendwo zu Wort gemeldet hat. Das finde ich doch seltsam. So verhält sich kein normaler User. Die Vorsicht sagt mir, dass da etwas faul ist. Und deshalb mache ich es so, wie in der alten schlechten Zeit: Ich sende allen, die mitlesen, sich aber nicht äußern einen schönen Gruß! Ich weiß, das ihr da seid! Gehabt Euch wohl!!!
  14. YAP. Yankee Air Pirates. Pirates is true. They took a modified version of my Persian Gulf terrain for their payware. Although i had forbidden the use as payware in the read me. Not only the chinese are copycats.
  15. Ein paar Gedanken zu Pegida, Lügenpresse etc

    Hier ein Beitrag der Neuen Züricher Zeitung mit einer durchaus zutreffenden Analyse der Ereignisse in Chemnitz und der Gründe warum der Osten Deutschlands anders tickt als der Westen https://www.nzz.ch/feuilleton/alles-beginnt-mit-herkunft-weshalb-ostdeutschland-sich-zur-provokation-entwickelt-ld.1415437

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