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  1. I would like to see the An-72 transport plane or the YF-17 fighter.
  2. I took the stock Leopard1A4 tank and gave it a new skin. Its hard to believe, that a little bit paint can change the apperance of a very simple LOD so much. And this is the old Leopard 1A5 LOD made by Gabilon in 2005 with a new skin for the Ukraine terrain:
  3. I did some work on the panzer pack for the Ukraine terrain. I adjusted the armor to more or less correct values, included the lower hull with reduced armor thickness and added the tactical numbers and the white cross. For the T-64B i did dome photoshop to change the wheels from massive T-74 to small T-64. Here the ukrainian T-72M1 and the T-64B
  4. Vietnamese Tiger, 1979 during Boder War with China. One J-6 less!
  5. Small progress. Real life issues. I reworked the airfield file. I hope you like it. Then i changed the color of the "road" objects, which i use to build the target areas. They now fit better with the roads, that are painted on the tiles.
  6. Would be difficult. It would require a complete new tile. This is the best, i can offer at the moment.
  7. Basa Aerea Mar del Plata second attempt with an other terminal building, which is closer to reality.
  8. As promised Basa Aerea Mar del Plata. Its a first attempt. I'm not happy with the terminal building. It is to big and the shape is wrong. I will check my folders to find a better fitting building. And dont worry about wrong parked planes. This comes later.
  9. Some days ago i found the old Leopard 2A1 made by Kesselbrut on my HD. I thought, why not using this old LOD to make a Leo 2A4, which we will see in the Ukraine in some weeks. So i gave it an other skin. So it looks: But i was not satisfied. Thatswhy today i made an other skin: It's astonishing what a skin can do for such a very simple LOD. I also reworked the data.ini. I changed the armour values to make them more accurate. For this i divided the hull into two parts, because in a real tank the upper frontal armour plate has a different thickness than the lower armour plate. For the Leo 2 A4 i gave the upper plate 300 mm steele and the lower plate 200 mm. Then i made similar changes for the russian T-72B and the ukrainian T-72M1. I will test this panzer pack for the Ukraine for some days and then i will release them. And tomorrow i will go back to Rio de la Plata Bay terrain and will start to build the argentinan air base Mar del Plata.
  10. I have done it yesterday evening. Then i have colored the roofs of some stock buildings, which i use to build the airbases. So it looks now:
  11. Punto Indio, next development step: placing the parked aircrafts. So it looks now: I repainted the village houses which are connected with the terrain tiles. I hope you like it.
  12. Punta Indio, next development step: including the buildings of the base. Dont worry that the planes in screenshot one are parking in the pampa. This i will change later.
  13. Checking a SAM site at Socotra island.

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