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  1. Cool idea. Such a hovering carriers we could use for a "Battleship Galactica" or "Star Wars" mod.
  2. What do you think. Which tile is better for representing London? The grey one or the more red one?
  3. Same was done in Germany. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beate_Uhse-Rotermund
  4. Battle of Britan 2 "Operation Seelöwe" terrain. Recon mission. Target London. South of Canterbury heading north west. We are closing the estuary of river Themse. Flak fire and intercepted by Spitfires over London City. (Temporary tiles for the London parks) Escaped the Spits near Tower Bridge. Successfully escaped and now running home.
  5. Sit rep: Terrain progress is going on. Its time to build streets.
  6. There are Knowledgebases in this forum. There you find a lot of answers for your question.
  7. Soviet-Polish War addon?

    Real life is much more important than anything else on computer.
  8. Progress with the terrain is slower than expected. I have to change the tileset from bmp to jpg because the fps rate became to low.. Full squadron take off from airfield everywhere in northern France.
  9. Israeli F-16s take a swim

    Dirty water in the engine. That means engine change and overhaul. Its a dirty and wet job. The mechanics will love it ;-)
  10. FW-187 Falke. Close escort for Do-17 over Kent.
  11. Ukraine Airlines crashed in Iran

    Thats true. some systems which were developed in the late Soviet Union were designed to fight down enemy targets autonomous. Such systems you can find in the Su-22M4, the Ka-50 and Ka-52 for example. Originally it was intended, that the pilot/operator had to designate the target, all other things, including the opening of fire, layed in the "hands" of computers. Today even the target selection and designation can be given into the hands of the computer system. That such systems have a tendency to fire sometimes to fast and without friend or foe analysis we had seen 2 or 3 years ago, when a Ka-52 accidently attacked a truck with exercise spotters during "Sapad" big scale exercise in Russia. The computer took over control, detected a target, decided that the contact was hostile and opend the fire. The crew was surprised. Shit happens. For me such "accidents" are a clear warning, that autonomous weapon systems should be banned. The last decision over dead or live should be in the hand of man, not in the hand of computers.
  12. Ukraine Airlines crashed in Iran

    In stress situation such things can happen, if the fire button is in the hand of trigger happy soldiers without strict control by commanding officers. Imagine. The persians expected, that the US would strike back after the iranian missile attack. A missinterpretation of radar signals caused the feeling to be under attack. In such situations some guys tend to fire first and ask later. Shit happens. All over the world. Its sad for the people in the civil plane. Really sad.
  13. Civilian Airliners and SAM Defenses Discussion.

    In peacetime the SAM batteries in WP were under strict control. They were integrated in a hugh air defence network with central command structure. Without order of the central command it was not allowed to open the fire. Even the activation and direction of radar was limited. Violation of the rules was punished. Trigger happy soldiers never had the chance to come close to the fire button.
  14. Australia forest fires

    And in the bad old times the so called scientists said: "the socialism will always win." and they were wrong. You have no guarantee that the scientist this time are right. And by the way, in the bad old time you were also allowed to say "2+2=5", but you had to live with the consequences. Same procedure as every time.

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