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  1. Sometimes is shooting at short distance not such a good idea.
  2. First attempts to make coast tiles. The buildings are TOD made, taken from Starys Green hell 3.5. The water and the port are new. I'm not really happy with it yet. But it is only a first step of a very long way.
  3. Battle of Britan 2 Terrain of the 1960th. (WIP)
  4. IIRC the limited nation thing does not work for SF1, WoX world. Maybe with WOI Operation Kadesh addon it will work, but not with the basic games.
  5. Third Wire General Questions...

    Is a problem of the game. Sometimes it helps to give the command "BREAK", before you give the command "REJOIN". Then make sure, that you have not seleceted an enemy target by yourself.
  6. Landing approach at the Shetlands. (Faroe terrain)
  7. Okay. Lets go. I hope you has already created a mod folder. If not, then create one. How to do, you find in the Knowledgebase in this forum. In that folder you find the subfolder "objects" - Open it Then you find in this folder the subfolder "Aircraft" - Open it Then you find the subfolder "A-6E" - Open it So it looks: Unpack the cockpitfiles of both links (this from your first post and of my first post) into this folder. So the result should look: Double click on file A-6E and open it with Notepad Editor You find following lines: [AircraftData] AircraftFullName=A-6E Intruder AircraftShortName=A-6 AircraftDataFile=A-6E_data.ini LoadoutFile=A-6E_loadout.ini UserList=A-6E_UserList.ini Now open file A-6A and look for the lines: CockpitDataFile=A-6A_cockpit.ini AvionicsDLL=Avionics60.dll AvionicsDataFilename=A-6A_avionics.ini Copy this lines and past it into file A-6E The result should looks so: [AircraftData] AircraftFullName=A-6E Intruder AircraftShortName=A-6 AircraftDataFile=A-6E_data.ini LoadoutFile=A-6E_loadout.ini UserList=A-6E_UserList.ini CockpitDataFile=A-6A_cockpit.ini AvionicsDLL=Avionics60.dll AvionicsDataFilename=A-6A_avionics.ini Make sure that you paste the lines at the correct place Save the file. Start the game and it should run
  8. The A-6 cockpit in your link is only a repaint. No readme file. No wonder that you have problems. There are a lot of neccessary file missing. To get the A-6 running you need this download too: Tomorrow more. Its to late now for explanations.
  9. The problem is, that i have to choose between roads on all farmtiles or no roads on all farmtiles. And after a further look at Google Earth i think roads on all tiles are closer to reality than no roads.
  10. The jungle. Tiles size is 1024x1024 pixel, merged from tiles of Starys Green Hell 3.5. TOD trees are completly taken from Green Hell 3.5
  11. 1979. Border War between China and Vietnam. (Terrain WIP, very early stage) Vietnamese Tigers intercept a squadron of H-5 Beagle Fox 2! Beagle down! Next Beagle down! And kill number 3.
  12. I did it again and this time the roads of two neighbor tiles fits much more better. Vietnam has now a dense street network. Next step it will be to paint some villages on the tiles.
  13. After long studies of sat images from Google Earth i realized what i disliked on Green Hell. Vietnam is highly populated. Nearly all 1000 meters is a village, while the Green hill is nearly empty of villages. Thatswhy i thought i should make roads on each Farm tile. This is what the first attempt looks like: Unfortunatly i was not carefull enough while painting the roads. When i marked the end of the roads on tileend i had a calculation error of 18 pixels. Thatswhy some tiles does not fit and the roads have a gap on tileend. What means, back to start. But the principle is confirmed. I must only adjust the positions more carefully. When the roads are good i will place villages on the map, so that the terrain will be heavily populated.
  14. I had it in mind too, but i looked at Google Earth and found, that this terrain would consist of 95% forrest, some rivers and villages with small farmland.
  15. I got Green Hell 3.5 to run. As usal it was a simple typo which had me let fail a couple of times. To be honest, really happy i was not with the tileset. Thatswhy i have started to merge four 512 pixel tiles to one new 1024 pixel tile. Then i have changed the tiles from bmp to jpg, what allowes a better performance of the game. I also changed the sea tiles to darker color and modified one coast tile to have not anymore only bays beside bays. Screenshots all WIP, a very early stage Right side you see the darker sea tile. On the coastline you see from left two original GH3.5 tiles, then are following two new made tile The new farm files are merged from 4 original GH3.5 tiles Its still a long way to go. New rivers of different size are still to make, perhaps road maps. So i can say, release date X-Mas. But dont ask which year.

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