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  1. Komm lass uns heute noch nach England fliegen, die Straße entlang. Kling-Klang die Straße entlang!
  2. Situation report: Decals placement adjusted. The bow crest included. Name decals for Tbilissi, Riga and Varjag modified.
  3. Some new decals made by PeacePuma on the Kuz.
  4. New coastline tiles for BoB terrain rework (WIP). You see the differences between new and old tiles. Maybe the "Seelöwe" is landing till X-mas.
  5. I will try it out as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing.
  6. FW-187 Falke "Freie Jagd" over South England. He-100 acts as high altitude cover for the Falke group.
  7. Ehm guys. Soviet planes never should have the number "00". This number stands for "toilet". The other number, that never should appear is "13". Its bad luck number in Russia.
  8. FE2 - Toggle Landing Gear

    You can use the controls.ini from SF2 in FE2. No problem.
  9. So it is. A TOD editor would be a nice and urgently needed tool.
  10. The basic Shilka we have as stock object in game, but not an improved version.
  11. In the meantime it is possible to include satellite imagary in tiles.
  12. The advantage is, that SF2 supports jpg files. So we can make tiles with a comparable resolution to FE. But the variability of the tiles is lower than in FE, of course. As an example a WIP tileset for South England in late summer. One tile has the size of 1024x1024 pixel which are comparable with 512x512 pixel tiles of FE terrains.
  13. The major plus point for FE is the terrain. It is made by 500 m x 500 m tiles instead 2000 x 2000 m tiles in SF world. What means, that a FE terrain can look much better than a SF terrain. The resolution is much better. You can use SF terrains in FE, but not FE terrains in SF.
  14. IMG_6411.JPG

    Remark. Battledress camo and gun does not fit. The KMS-72 came in 1972. At this time a different camo was used on the battledress. The top button of the uniform was always worn open.

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