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  1. Do you have tried to mod the ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.ini file? Perhaps you find there a solution.
  2. a lot of runways were simple meadows. Take the airfield.ini from First eagles and an empty, flat place on the map.
  3. Hebrew lesson

    "Kurwa" is the polish term.
  4. Su-17M2 cockpit

    This is a Su-22M4 cockpit. But the colors of the cockpits of the soviet planes were always the same, when they were delivered. It was a kind of blue-grey ( maybe turquoise). It was said, that this color was best for the eyes, "not as exhausting to the eyes". Later, in the units the cockpits often were repainted into black, or what color they had. All soviet cockpit panels have on thing in common. It is the so called "T". All instruments, which were essential to fly the planen were framed with a small white line. Here you see the stick and the framed instruments better. The throttle.
  5. Ups, da hilft auch kein Panzerband! Oops, even duct tape wont help, i think, doesnt it?
  6. Sept. 1994. Last take off. The last russian occupation troops left Germany. (BTW the Americans are stll here.)
  7. Over Hokkaido, Kuril Islands 2 terrain (WIP)
  8. Pepelevs favorite fitter

    I know, but i think, that only the users of the Su-7B would have choosen such a plane. A nation, what i miss is India. They used the Su-7B during war with Pakistan. And Iraq would also a buyer for such a plane. The LSK had had a "MiG-only" philosophy at this time.
  9. Pepelevs favorite fitter

    The LSK, the AirForce of the GDR, East Germany definitly never used the Su-20, because at the end of the 70th no Sukhoi jets were used. To buy Sukhoi planes would need a completly new infrastructure. Because the MiG-23MF was coming in 1978, the acquisition of MiG-23BN was the call of the day. Later, when the MiG-23BN proofed as pure dumb iron dropper, the LSK started to search for a new fighterbomber. So we got the Su-22M4 and the Su-22UM-3K. For this birds a completly new airbase was built. (Rostock-Laage)
  10. Faroe Islands terrain

    It's a tribute to the original Top Gear . ;-)
  11. Sorry have overseen your question. I addes following lines in the data.ini //---------------Parkpositionen ParkingChance=100 ParkingMaxSpan=15.50 Parking[01].Heading=280 Parking[01].Offset=26.30,-54.62 Parking[02].Heading=280 Parking[02].Offset=29.13,-65.86 Parking[03].Heading=280 Parking[03].Offset=30.69,-78.84 Parking[04].Heading=280 Parking[04].Offset=26.26,44.13
  12. Modified quick and dirty weapon system fix. Kuznetsov_DATA quick and dirty 2.7z If you has SA-N-9 and SA-N-11 on your installation your Kuz will shoot like the Battlestar Galactica. Position of the SAMs is not correct and the guns are still firing from where they want. Its still a WIP.
  13. Dont know what the Brits are doing with their sheeps. Perhaps it is the good beer ...

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