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  1. Cool finding. Showed, that my infos about that bird were not correct at all.
  2. 16 kills. A hero? Maybe in America. In the Luftwaffe he would be allowed to lead a formation of two planes. The real aces started with 100 kills, the normal ones with 20. BTW it is a screenshot thread here, not a photo picture thread.
  3. Danish Starfighters over the Faroer islands. and visiting the Shetlands
  4. The german single seater Phantom would have looked like this: It would have been a simple remove of the backseater cockpit and seat and replaced them with an additionally fueltank. No air to air refuel capbility and the radar of the F-104G.
  5. Further informations i found. When the SPS System (boundary layer blowing system or BLC) was activated the lift of the flap was increased by 50%. The System was activated when the flap setting was bigger than 30°. Using the system reduced the thrust of the engine by some kN.
  6. Maybe you have forgotten to implement the cockpit. Or a skin is missing. Or it is a simple typo. One single wrong letter can be the cause. Try this modded MiG-21bis as example.
  7. Okay, i searched my archive and found something. MiG-21bis acceleration time from Mach 0.5 to Mach 0.9 was 21 seconds time for 360° curve in 1.000m 27 seconds in 4.500m 48 seconds in 9.000m 78 seconds initial turn rate 23° sustainable turn rate 13.3° The flaps of MiG-21F-13, PF and U were modified Fowlerflaps. In german we called it "Spaltklappen", slotted flaps. Flaps setting for takeoff was 24.5°, landing 44.5° From MiG-21PFS onward the flaps were "Scharnierklappen mit Grenzschichtbeeinflussung". Blown flaps with fixed rotation axis. Flap setting were 25° for take off and 45° for landing. The airflow for the border layer blowing system came from the compressor of the engine. It was activated by the pilot by pressing a button (IIRC). It was operational only when the afterburner was not activated. Switching on the NB would automatically switch of the BLC. The flaps of the MiG-21 were pushed in by the driving wind at a speed of 340 km/h. I'm not sure, wheter it was meant that it began with 340 km/h or that the flaps were fully pushed in at 340 km/h. I think the first idea is correct.
  8. Nice idea. I tried it. Deleted the options and version.inis. Then started the game. And the game wrote a new options and version.ini and overwrote all modded stock planes. Yea-Ha. Luckily i had copies of the old files.
  9. The engine "Sonderregime", special regime of the R-25 engine, increased the thrust from 69.6 kN to 97 kN. The climb rate increased from 180m/s to 225m/s. The limit of 3 minutes was caused by cooling problems. Overheating was possible. Combat flaps were not used on MiG-21. If the pilot forgot to "pull in" the flaps, the wind would do the job from a certain speed. I forgot the correct speed when this happend. Perhaps i can find it in my archive. To release the flaps in dogfight was common for skilled MiG-21 pilots. I have heared it from some pilots of LSK (East German Air Force). The main problem for the MiG-21 was the air intake. The design was not the best. In certain flight regimes the air intake was unable to let in enough air to operate the engine properly. Then the problem of "Pompage" (may be "pumping" in english, sorry dont know the correct term) appeared. Or even worse the engine got a stall and stopped operating during a sharp curve. The design of the wing was as good, that the MiG-21 could have a much smaller circle radius, but the air intake ... In the 80th a different air intake with additionally openings was tested. The plane got a much better agility. The Ye-8 successor of MiG-21PF had the same wing, but a different air intake. The plane was nearly as agile as the F-16A, but 10 years earlier. Flare dispensers were included in some types of ECM pods like SPS-141 for MiG-21bis.
  10. As far as i know there were never released photos of the cockpit of the Ye-152. But since the plane is a MiG-21 successor and it was build in 1961, i think you could take a cockpit of the MiG-21PF with the canopy open forward, like in MiG-21F13. Not sidewards like MiG-21MF.
  11. Counting sheeps on Faroer islands (WIP).
  12. WIP, something to shooting at. The T-67. What if the soviets would have introduced the Object 167 into service? Object 167 was the successor of the T-62 (object 166) with a new suspension system (was later used on T-72) and a new turbo diesel engine with 700 hp instead 580 hp in T-62. Top speed of the tank was 65 km on road, 40 cross country. Range around 450 km. So it was comparable with a Leopard 1 tank, but had a much better armour. There were some versions of object 167. One with gas turbine (helicopter engine), one with 100mm gun D-54TS (comparable with britisch L-7 gun) and one with 115mm smoothbore gun and ATGM Maljutka (AT-2 Sagger) And no, this is not paper tank. This was really tested in the 60th.
  13. The new version of Kuril Islands terrain is 250m heighmap too. The planning map of the Kuril Islands terrain The planning map of Kuril Islands 250m As you see the new map includes mor of Hokkaido islands so that it has enough space to set more japanese airfields on it. If someone makes a new tileset for the current Kurilen Islands and wants to release it, so feel to do it. Would be a nice improvement.
  14. Sweden Baltic Rim terrain when i use WoI OperationKadesh Jul2010 installation. It shows no problems with water tiles. No squares or other anomalies. Sweden Baltic Rim terrain with WoE patch 2008 Shows also no squares, but flickering in far distance. (the black dots in the right corner. Flickering is difficult to see on screenshot.)
  15. QRA from Scatsa Airport (Shetlands, Faroer terrain WIP)

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