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  1. Sukhoi Su-9P, modernized Fishpod with GP-9 gunpod.
  2. If the Sukhoi Su-9 would have been produced in license as Mirage VI.
  3. Unfortunatly jump ramp carriers are not supported by the game engine. Some years ago i had seen a Kusnetzow class carrier as work in development at MarcFighters http://marcfighters.combatace.com/screens42.htm Here a picture from this site. Seems to be, that it was never released.
  4. That problem we had seen some month ago too. After a short time the shop was online again. I hope it will be the same this time.
  5. If you look closer to the fact you will see, that the opening of fire happend only when the intruder was deep in our airspace. Gardelegen was more than 30km away from the border, Erfurt more than 50km. Short violations of airspace and short high speed runs over some areas was a common thing in the bad old time. No need to open the fire. Civilian intruders sometimes flew up to 130 km from west into our airspace. Mostly Cessnas with old commiehater pilots. This ended in the mid 80th when the Mi-24 got the task to stop such intruders.
  6. Swedish AF fights forest fire

    https://www.thelocal.se/20180725/watch-swedish-fighter-jets-drop-bombs-on-forest-fire To fight a forest fire swedish Gripen dropped GPS and laser guided bombs.
  7. I see your point, but 2 km inside the airspace is nothing for a military jet. This is in the range of a normal navigation error. Especially it the IS targets are close to the golan heights. If we would have accted like the israelis in the bad old time and would have opened the fire if NATO planes entered our airspace a little bit WW3 would have started a lot of times. And i think vice versa, if soviet planes tested the west german borderline. The israeli shooters were a little bit over nervouse or simple trigger happy.
  8. The Sukhoi was attacking IS forces close to the Golan heights. I think the IS is a bigger danger for us all than Assad. So the shot down was a mistake.
  9. World of Tanks

    Since 2014 the game has updated a lot of times. Its still fun, but with a much better graphic engine. BTW, this is graphic setting nearly minimum.
  10. In reality you can select the size of the salvo. In the Mi-24 it was possible to fire 1 rocket per pod, 4 rockets per pod, 16 per pod or all rockets at one time. In the AH-1 it was the same procedure.
  11. There is no simple solution. The "easiest way" is to move the runway to a flat area. The other way is to use the TerrainEditor to flatten the area around the runway.
  12. The F-104 Starfighter was the intended air superiority fighter for the USAF.
  13. The runway is placed not on a flat area. Its a terrain issue, has nothing to do with the campaign.
  14. MiG-23 Flogger in the middle east 

    Had Libya had MiG-23MLD? MS, MF and ML they had. but MLD?
  15. Soviet era propaganda films

    Here a east german propagada movie. Interessing part starts at 1:00.

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