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  1. That would be file piracy and this is forbitten here. We are not in China.
  2. With the MiG-23ML a new swing wing position was possible. For dogfight the wings was now moved to 30° which gave a much better turn rate than before. The empty weight was around 1 t lighter. I have seen MiG-23ML making a full circle in 22seconds.
  3. The MiG-23 had had no automated swing wings. The pilot had to move the wings by "hand".
  4. The soviet war literature is the same as the american. "We are the heros, the others are the dumb fools." An other thing were the military literature, which was intended to teach lessons to the new military generation. From tanks over planes to air defence. There were also analysis of different wars after WW2, from Korea to Falkland, and mostly without any idiological rubbish. Biographies would be also interessting. Pokryshkin, the soviet no 2 ace in WW2, wrote a very interesting one. Then there was a czech or slovak author. Franticek Faitle, who fought first in the RAF and then moved to the USSR and then was transfered into the area of slovak national rebellion to fight with La-5FN against the german Luftwaffe in Slovakia. Problem. All in german translation. I doubt, that english translations are available. Edit, the czech pilot was: František Fajtl https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/František_Fajtl
  5. Does it happen everytime or only at certain targets?
  6. If you can, release it please. IIRC it was the last, or one of the last Messerschmitt designs.
  7. The helicopter became a attraction for the local medias, inclusive fotoshooting for a model. Here a link to german TV station MDR. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NneQClyeY_M
  8. The Chinook at the emergency landing site.
  9. Today i have seen 5 Chinooks, 17 Apaches and one Black Hawk flying over Saxony. I guess, that they are flying to the NATO exercises in the Baltic states. First a group of 4 Chinooks were flying in line formation along the Bundesstraße 2 northbound. Around a half hour later one heli came back alone and it sounds not really good. He still made it for some kilometers before the Chinook had to perform a field landing near the town of Delitzsch. See attached link to the local newspaper http://www.lvz.de/Region/Delitzsch/US-Militaerhubschrauber-muss-auf-Delitzscher-Feld-notlanden One hour later a formation of 8 Apaches with a UH-60 leader were on the way northbound. Two hours later a formation of 9 Paches and one Chinook was on the way. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos. My mobile phone is from stoneage.
  10. I would like to have a better fitting cockpit for the "Düppelschwein" (word by word translated as "Chaff Pig" or "Chaff Hog", but the meaning lose in translation) as we called the F-4G in the bad old days.
  11. Does the USAF have a waiting list?

    Really? But dont count to much on us in a conflict with Russia. We have weapons for only 4 EuFis. Wheny they have shooten their missiles we must throw with cotton balls.
  12. Does the USAF have a waiting list?

    Dont worry. In Germany we have a minister of defence who has more own children than combat ready Eurofighters.
  13. Okay, dann auf Deutsch. Der TE verkraftet nur Dateien im Format 256x256 Pixel. Für die Arbeit mit dem TE musst Du also einen Extra Ordner haben, in dem alle Tiles im Format 256x256 Pixel gespeichert sind. Für das endgültige Terrain ist es dann egal wie groß die Tiles sind. The TE accepts only tiles in the size of 256x256 pixel. Thatswhy you must have tiles in 256x256 pixel size in the folder for working with TE. In the terrain folder you can have tiles with better resolution, or even with other format. JPG instead BMP for instance.
  14. Big white squares are missing tiles. In SF2 world it would be black squares. It could be, that it are tiles in jpg format, which IIRC SF1 cant handle.

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