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  1. How about amazon.com? I have the same patch problems as descibed earlier and NO version number as well. Bought the CD through amazon. Can I send an e-mail to Strategy First, with a photocopy of the CD, or should I do battle with amazon.con? :roll:
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, on all aircraft. Doesn't matter how fast I hit the numbers after the initial TAB key, nothing happens. I tried remapping the keys with no luck. On another front, the subtitles option seems not to work. I get subtitles even when it's turmed off. Strange . . .
  3. System Specs: ASUS P4B533 P4 2.26GHz 512Mb PC2100 Ram NVIDIA GeForce 2 Ultra Win 2000 SP3 C-Media CMI8738/C3DX Problem: I hit the TAB key to bring up the radio comm. menu. A list of seven choices, 1. Wingman . . . 2. Flight 1 . . . etc. appears. I hit the corresponding number key, nothing happens and then the menu dissapears. This happens in all scenerios. I haven't seen any posts with this problem so there is a good chance it's user error. :?

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