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  1. So tell me though,... Whos in control of the view system when you are "locked" onto a target? Not the individual using he pad lock. With my system, you can (just as track IR) ever so slightly move your thumb(head) and cover the entire FOV within the cockpit. This of course allows you to track "any" target that "you" want to at "any" time. With pad lock, you are somewhat on a "ride of its own" when you lock onto somthing. Your not really in control, and the way that the view stays "Fixated" on a single threat.... is surely a bad thing. 8)
  2. Online Simulation is the FUTURE. Any developer should have this understanding. People are Always going to be the "true test" of battles. In short, Advanced AI logic, routines.. and other artificial simulation will never be as exciting as going against another living, breathing, angry/happy, emotion filled thinker. Online Simulation is the future, and the Ultimate goal of all simulation fans should be, or most likely be aimed at some sort of complete "Virtual Battle Field" including everyone from Ground troops/medics/Air Forces, Naval forces, and any other wartime occurances. Time frame for each set of Virtual battle fields will be the only differing factors once we are able to implement graphically as well as stabilty/fast transfer rates between connections. Battle Field 1942 is an excellent "GAME" not a simulation, however it has the "environment" that makes for the war "atmosphere" nessecary to recreate the feeling of being there on the ground. Once we can implement that along with something sort of "Aces High" then we are half way there. WWIIOnline is trying to do this.. and they do the ground war better then anyone else.. although with poor connections,, and over all lag infested gameplay with the Flying aspect. okay That is enough of my rantings. :) Bye for now
  3. Hello everyone,.. I have for quite some time... (all the way back before IL2" was released), had a Certain way of Viewing PC Simulations. Everyone complains about the view systems of most sims, how they are too slow, only allow for viewing at odd angles.. or the shortcommings of Pad Lock systems. What I have created since then, and Use till this very day is a system of a TrackBall optical mouse attached to the Joystick in such a way as to allow for a "Free Smooth Panning Mode." The ease and pleasure of being able to Simply rest your thumb on the ball and ever so slightly move your Point of View inside the cockpits of todays sims are awesome. With this system you can add levels upon levels of immersion to todays great games. Track IR has been the newest form of this.. allowing you to move your head from "side to side" allowing for the "Free Smooth Panning" as well. The major drawback is that Track IR can Cost literally hundreds of $$$$. Money of which, might as well be put towards a complete Virtual Reality headset. What I have created, and of which, performs the same way as "Track IR", albiet with the motion of your thumb, costs... Literally 20$. I have created this with an Optical Track Ball mouse, some Duct Tape, and a Wire Coat hanger. Sound Crude?... sure.. its not extremely Hightech, but you know what?... It WORKS... and Quite well... I might add. I have tested this on differnet sticks.. but the saitek X-45/x-36 series work really well due to the style of the stick. Take a Look.. Below and understand in full.
  4. Thirdwire... THANK YOU :) You guys are Exceptional! For those who are unaware,.. they have Helped me. Bravo to the Thirdwire team. :D
  5. Thridwire... I Do NOT have the number in the Bottom right corner of my screen once I start... infact I have no Number at all... THis should clear alot of things up... im betting... :( :?
  6. Thirdwire, I have the software installed directly from the cd, and now into the default C: drive ... (meaning C:programfiles..thirdwire.. etc.. ).. I did have it default to my D: drive initally, but I have completey uninstalled the program and now installed into the default C: drive now. Still the same situation.. as far as the two options... ( I do not have any mod's installed) so I just continue with the installation... but still I get the Same error that I posted before. Anything else you guys can think of??... I have no way of telling you whether or not what "Version" I have... it seems that the Service pack is unable to update mine because it is looking at the right file.. but.. Wrong Version ..... Let me know.. anything thanks.. :(
  7. :?: okay.. I am starting to get actually pissed off, I apologize, but this is downright getting rediculous. I am happy for those that have been able to "upgrade" the software, but for me, I have had seemingly nothing but "beta" from the get go. First off, let me say this.. I think this game has Excellent potential, however it was released early, and has many faults. I was hoping that this update can fix these, but If the update won't even work, well.. you tell me. I have Just recently (Jan 14th/2003) purchased Strike Fighters P1, from a Circuit city @ 39.99$ US,...only to find that it was extremely buggy, and missing many portions of the program. I CAN not even Eject in the game... and no I am not talking about "eye candy" but... actuall Ejection... I press SHIFT-ESC and boom bam.... ... Nothing. Aircraft can land, then "TUMBLE" across the ground literally digging the Front end of the aircraft into the ground and have NO effect on the planes. There are many issues that are obviously in need of fixing, and I Think that you guys must have fixed these issues with the patch you just released, however I cannot get the patch to Run. I have included a Screen shot that shows the error I am getting when I try to upgrade to service pack 1. I have completely reinstalled the program from scratch... all new, completey fresh install off of my Strike Fighters CD. My CD is Blue, with wispy clouds in the background as a sort of texture, and has all the company names that have been affiliated with its' release. I dont know if it matters but the cd also has on the left side of it.. (under the Title) the numbers 24147CD. The only reason Im telling you this is simple, I may have a pre-release cd.. or somthing of the sort... aka.. (THE WALMart Version) even though I bought it just recently. Please take a Look at this screen shot, and help me with any insight you may have... anyone please. Thank you.. --Thirdwire/StrategyFirst Customer.

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