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  1. Mue, thanks for your fantastic finding. Do you think it is possible to make the same improvement for planes and objects on the ground ? It would be good to be able to see, many miles away, a Tupolev taxing on the ground, near its shelter.
  2. Thank you streakeagle for the detailed answer. It is a shame TK does not support SF2 anymore for PC (at least this is what I understand from his lack of communication for PC games and this has beed debated many times here). So I can say goodbye to my customized head down display ;) Fortunately, I can still find a lot of fun here :)
  3. Hi, I own a Logitech G510 with a black and white LCD display. Such applets were developped for other games, so I was wondering if someone got this same idea for SF2. The applet retrieves data from the game and displays them on the LCD, using various locations, images and text display. Do you know if someone has developped an applet for this keyboard and SF2 ? It would be useful to me to display miscellaneous things such as: - airbrake (opened or not) - flaps (same) - afterburner engaged Many thanks.

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