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  1. The tool should work with up to 999 target areas. I thought target areas can only have 3 digits: from TargetArea001 to TargetArea999 ? Can you confirm that the game engine can handle more than 999 target areas?
  2. Try opening the base.ini file, not the .lod file.
  3. My catextractor expects the SF2 install directory folder structure. But you can easily create a "fake" SF2 install directory structure: e.g. create a directory "fake_sf2_install_directory". Within this directory create a subdirectory "objects". Into this objects subdirectory you copy all cat files you want to examine. Then you only have to point my catextractor to the fake_sf2_install_directory.
  4. You can use my catextractor. Enter *.lod into the filter field and press apply filter. In the file list window you can see now all lod files and in which cat/dlc files they are contained.
  5. My sorry excuse for a flight game

    Nice project! Regarding flight modeling. You mentioned that flightgear has the flight physics done correctly. Among other FDMs, flightgear uses JSBSim, a sophisticated open source FDM: http://jsbsim.sourceforge.net/ It's written in C++. However I found another (abandoned) combat flight simulator project written in java: "SimuLab" https://sourceforge.net/projects/simulab/ , that also uses JSBSim for the flight physics. I think they started with accessing JSBSim via JNI but later ported JSBSim to java.
  6. Das erwähnte Zitat scheint wohl besonders in AfD-Kreisen die Runde zu machen. Es ist aber so dermaßen aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen, daß ich mich frage, ob das (Herausreißen) mit Absicht geschah oder ob die AfDler den Kontext wirklich nicht verstehen. Zumindest in der Vergangenheit hatte die AfD ja bereits Schwierigkeiten gehabt eine Äußerung im (Satire-)Kontext zu verstehen (Weidel vs Ehring). Also was hat Käßmann wirklich gesagt: (Quelle: https://www.landeskirche-hannovers.de/evlka-de/presse-und-medien/nachrichten/2017/05/2017_05_26_2 ) Sie hat also NICHT gesagt, daß Menschen mit zwei deutschen Eltern und vier deutschen Großeltern Nazis sind. Sondern sie hat ein Teil des AfD-Parteiprogramms mit dem kleinen Arierparagraphen verglichen und die AfD damit in die rechte Ecke aus der der "braune Wind weht" gestellt.
  7. Calling FE Map Makers

    Top notch work! I'm curious if (stock) First Eagles objects are really scaled down. I could only check stock objects in First Eagle 2 since I don't own First Eagles 1. In First Eagles 2 the stock objects seems to have real life size: With the lodviewer I measured e.g the wheelbase of the Type J Lorry = 4.25 m (real life = 4.15m) or the length of the Beutepanzer IV = 7.88 (real life = 8.05) Maybe someone can check some stock objects in First Eagles 1?
  8. The main technical problem is, that thirdwire hasn't published the lod file format(s). I asked thirdwire about it already but got no answer. With the help of 3dsmax guys (thanks logan4 and angelp) I could already reconstruct 80 percent of the lod format. And I'm quite optimistic to reconstruct further 10 - 15 percent. I think that should be sufficient to write an exporter (e.g. for blender).
  9. I have a big request for 3dsmax user. Currently I'm analysing the material parameter definitions within the lod file format. In its current state the lodviewer only reads the diffuse texture map filename and I plan to use additional material parameter (bump map, specular map, ...) For making the analysis easier for me to identify the material parameter, can someone please create and send me lod files (and the corresponding out files) with the following specifications (I know it's a bit of work, but it would really help me. I would do it myself but I don't have access to 3dsmax.): 1. lod file: -simple geometry, e.g. only one node: a simple cube -no assigned maps -ambient color: red=10, green=20, blue=30 -diffuse color: red=40, green=50, blue=60 -specular color: red=70, green=80, blue=90 -no self illumination -opacity=100 -specular level=33 -glossiness=22 -soften=0.11 (but I think it's not used?) 2. lod file: -same as 1.) but with -opacity=66 3. lod file: -same as 1.) -enabled self illumination = 44 4. lod file: -same as 1.) -diffuse texture map assigned, amount = 55 5. lod file: -same as 1.) -diffuse texture map assigned, amount = 55 -bump map assigned, amount = 66 6. lod file: -same as 1.) -diffuse texture map assigned, amount = 55 -bump map assigned, amount = 66 -specular map assigned, amount = 77 AFAIK there are two exporter plugins for the SF2/FE2 games: Feb2010 and Dec2010-C. What are the differences between the two? Of course it would be perfect if I could get lod files created with both plugins. Thanks in advance!
  10. To enable fading terrain objects in FE2 you can try this: http://combatace.com/topic/86103-fading-tod-objects/
  11. Mmh.. it seems the readme is imprecise here: translation is ctrl (+ shift) + left mouse button hold + move. Have you tried this? Ok, noted on my todo list.
  12. Abspeichern des Spiels...

    Grundsätzlich kann der Ordner "Gespeicherte Spiele" verschoben werden: Im Explorer rechts Klick auf "Gespeicherte Spiele" -> Eigenschaften -> Pfad. Aber leider beachten die SF2 Games mit Ausnahme von SF2:NA den neuen Pfad nicht. Es scheint, dass der Pfad "<Benutzer-Verzeichnis>\Saved Games" hardkodiert ist. Zur Lösung deines Problems, kann aber, wie 7eleven schon richtig geschrieben hat, der Mod Verzeichnis Pfad in der Datei C:\Users\<Benutzername>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\<SF2 Game>\options.ini angepasst werden: [Mods] Directory=<Pfad zum neuen Mod Verzeichnis> In C:\Users\<Benutzername>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\<SF2 Game>\ müssen sich dann nur noch options.ini und ich glaube version.ini befinden.
  13. The size of the targeting boxes are defined by the BoxSize= entries in the huddata.ini You can also try the dot label mod: http://combatace.com/topic/86215-showing-label-as-a-dot-mod/ This mod overlays all friendly/enemy objects within a 10 nm radius with a blue/red dot. The disadvantage of this mod is, you lose the target info box.
  14. Some newbie questions

    If you are looking for all effects (*.fx) files inside your cat files, you can use my catextractor: In the upper list box (1) select all cat files. In the filter field (2) type "*fx". Then all fx files are shown in the lower list box (3) and can be extractedl.

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