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  1. This guy is hilarious. Quite entertaining. I already had a laugh when he described the fighter generations
  2. He removed the link. His answer to my comment to his latest SF2:Vietnam Ep 43 video:
  3. It seems as he started his SF2 video series the Thirdwire store were down. From the description of his first SF2:Vietnam video: I think at this time he thought the SF2 games were abondoned. But later as the Thirdwire store were up again, although he now mentions that you can purchase the games from the store, he still provides the link to the illegal copies.
  4. I really like his videos. What I don't like is, that he provides a link to a download site where you can download illegal copies of all SF2 games.
  5. I'm curious what features FE has what SF doesn't have? Regarding flight models, I would think the (prop) FM in both games are (nearly) identical. Maybe the AI or campaign system is different? What else?
  6. The stall modeling in SF2 (e.g. the Stall*TableData) is still a big unknown to me. The regime between -AlphaDepart and AlphaDepart I mostly understand. Currently I'm implementing the SF2 P-51D FM in JSBSim/FlightGear. In the normal non-stall/non-departure regime it already "feels" quite similar to SF2. But I still have to run some validation tests. Yes, while sifting through the TW forum archives I noticed that back then there were several FM guys active. And according to the questions they have asked, it seems they know that they are doing. I think one guy was from avhistory.org and wanted to port CFS? flight models to SF.
  7. In your TrackIR profile (in the TrackIR software) disable the z-axis.
  8. Note: The LODViewer has a bug. If you reload textures while an animation is "shown" (like in the first post, where the gear is extended and the gear doors are open) then the decals are (erroneously) applied to the current (animated) position of the mesh and not the original one.
  9. AFAIU: If you want proper 44100Hz sounds, you have to change ALL (incl. stock sounds) to 44100 Hz.
  10. Yes GPL means General Public License. Only if you want your aircraft included in the official FlightGear hangar "FGAddon", then the GPLv2 is obligatory. Otherwise you can license your model as you like (assumed the whole model is your own creation and don't contain or uses GPL content) and use it in FlightGear.
  11. Correct! But the buyer/recipient also get the same rights as you from the GPL. He can use/modify/distribute/sell the content under the GPL. His right to modify the content also means that you have to give him the "source code" of your content. The GPL says about the source code: "The source code for a work means the preferred form of the work for making modifications to it." I think (maybe Richard can confirm or correct me here) that means, that if you sell the lod file then you must also include the e.g. *.3ds or equivalent file.
  12. For those who don't know the GPL: If you use GPL content for your aircraft then the derived work, i.e. your aircraft, is also automatically licenced under the GPL. That means you can not distribute your aircraft under the CombatAce Modders License Agreement, because the CombatAce Modders License Agreement forbids the sale of the content (as payware). However the GPL doesn't allow those restrictions. Under the GPL the user has the right to sell the content!
  13. Maybe you FM gurus knew this already, but I only recently noticed that: Internal fuel and the pilot (and internal ammo too?) don't change the center of gravity (cog) of the aircraft. The additional weight will always be placed at the cog. Only the inertia tensor (Ix,Iy,Iz) is changed as follows: Ix = (mass_total/mass_empty)*Ix_empty, Iy = (mass_total/mass_empty)*Iy_empty and Iz = (mass_total/mass_empty)*Iz_empty
  14. Ok, now I understand. I forgot/haven't considered that you use the official multiplayer network with it's civilian traffic.
  15. Since the multiplayer protocol is open, you always have the risk of cheating. I don't understand how releasing the python code increases the risk of griefing? I assumed the FlightGear combat community isn't that big, means you know each other, and therefore cheating isn't that much of a problem.

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