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  1. Yes, as I wrote, (because of a bug) the other games ignore the non-default saved games folder location on drive G and put the mod folder always in the default saved game folder location, i.e. C:\Users\<your user name>\Saved Games\Thirdwire\<game name>. If you want the mod folders of the other games also in the non-default saved games folder location, you can use a workaround by modifying C:\Users\<your user name>\Saved Games\Thirdwire\<game name>\Options.ini: [Mods] Directory=G:\<path to non-default saved games folder>\Thirdwire\<game name> After running the game, a new mod folder will be created at the new location. At the old mod folder location you only need to keep Options.ini and Version.ini, all other files can be deleted here.
  2. Is by any chance your saved games folder in a different place than the default location (c:\Users\<your username>\Saved Games)? North Atlantic will create the mod folder here, but (because of a bug?) the other games will create their mod folders in the default saved games folder location.
  3. Always nice to see FlightGear mentioned here on this site. I'm a big fan of this open source flight simulator and I already tried to combine my love for the Thirdwire sims with my love for FlightGear: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/93840-strike-fighters-2-meets-flightgear/. I'm still working on and off on a tool that in the end should be able to automatically convert SF2 (and FE2) aircraft into FlighGear aircraft (with a JSBSim flight model).
  4. Yes, you first have to load objects (*.obj, *.3ds or *.lod) into the TOD editor with File->Object Manager->Load Objects... . Then you can place those object with RMB -> Add or by pressing 'A' onto a TOD. As a 'workaround' to use 'stock' TOD objects you can load a TOD with 'stock' objects, select an object and save this object with RMP -> Save Object. Then you can later load that object as described above.
  5. The info box in the corner shows KIAS. If you enable debug output with DisplayDebug=true in HUDDATA.INI, then you get a lot of additional infos, including KTAS. You can circle with ALT-D through the various display modes. I assume that TK implemented a model of the standard atmosphere that gives the air density at any given altitude and from there IAS is calculated.
  6. You can also try to increase the Cldc coefficient (Roll moment due to control surface deflection). That coefficient is usually in the [LeftAileron] and [RightAileron] sections.
  7. If anyone experience the same problem as Sundowner did (TODEditor freezing after opening/saving some TOD files): I uploaded a minor update (version 0.1.2) of the TODEditor. It now uses the native Windows file dialog. That should fix the freezing issue.
  8. I haven't experienced any problems on my system yet. What graphic card do you have? Does it always happen after editing 3-4 TODs? When does the freeze happen: after loading, after saving or while editing?
  9. I can relate to that: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/93840-strike-fighters-2-meets-flightgear/ I'm still working on and off on this project/experiment: currently working an a script that automatically converts SF2 flight models into the FlighGear (JSBSim) flight models.
  10. I'm still not sure what do you want to achieve or what do you expect? Where do the input parameter coming from?
  11. Your numbers are consistent regarding the drag force equation. Therefore I think one or more of your input parameters are wrong. Since you want to calculate air density I assume the other parameter are the input. What seems odd with your input parameters is a drag force of 34 kN on an area of 0.46 cm^2 (=0.000046 m^2).
  12. I too have difficulties to understand what he is actually doing. But what I noticed is, that in one of his posts he provides a google drive download link to a (I assume pirated) full version of Strike Fighter 2.
  13. It's already there: View->Show Pivot Points of Selected Nodes (or via the icon in the toolbar) Regarding adding edititing functionalities: I don't plan to implement any of that.
  14. No problem. Sometimes it's not easy to even know the proper keywords to search for. For your problem it would be e.g. "draw distance". Sometimes I use Google to search in combatace.com, e.g. with "draw distance site:combatace.com". I remember I already wrote something about extending the drawing distance: TL;DR in options.ini set ObjectsFade=false and in flightengine.ini increase DetailMeshSize If you want the fading effect (now for longer distances) re-added then apply the shader mod from the above post. TL;DR To extend the draw distances of target objects (e.g. airbases, ...) you must for each object in <terrain>_types.ini increase MaxVisibleDist and in <targetobject>.ini increase (LOD) Distance
  15. RIP NIELS. My condolences to the family and loved ones.

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