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  1. Poor TK. Now he is getting flak from the mobile faction: Source
  2. The main effort was in the reverse engineering of the lod format. But if someone knows the lod format (he can start with my blender exporter plugin, it's written in python and should be more or less understandable. But beware: around 10% of the lod format are still unknown to me) and he is experienced with writing 3ds max plugins, I think it should be possible to write a new exporter in 1-2 weeks (40-80h). Depending on the wage rate it will maybe cost you around $3000 - $6000.
  3. Correction: the blender exporter does support animations. But note: The exporter is written for blender version 2.78/2.79. It isn't updated for the new blender version 2.80 yet.
  4. I didn't want to sound too negative. Anyway, I contributed some $. Maybe it helps...
  5. In principle I like the idea of crowdfunding. But in this case I wonder... 1.)...why TW started a "Keep It All" campaign instead of a "All or Nothing" campaign, since the goal of $25K was already stated? 2.)...why the Windows 10 update is so expensive? I thought the games (unsupported) run already on Windows 10. Is the update to DirectX 12 really necessary? I think Windows 10 supports DirectX10 quite well. 3.)...why the campaign is only two weeks long? I really doubt, that the $25K can be reached in this time.
  6. Version 0.6.3 was uploaded. Changelog: Version 0.6.3 -bugfix: selection of nodes without material crashed the program
  7. Thank you baffmeister for your infos, explanations and tests. I still wonder when exactly the stall tables "kick in". When alpha > AlphaMax or alpha > AlphaDepart? My guess is the latter (alpha > AlphaDepart). I also wonder how is the Drag handled between the end of the CDLAlpha table and when the stall table kicks in (AlphaMax or AlphaDepart) in cases were AlphaMax and/or AlphaDepart are greater then the end of the CDLAlpha table. Maybe the CDLAlpha table is then extrapolated (linear or constant)? Regarding the abscissa of the stall tables: First I thought it's alpha. But maybe it's delta alpha, i.e. the difference to AlphaMax (or AlphaDepart). Because the tables have (modifier) values of 1.0 (or near 1.0) at angle = 0 degrees. I assume the modifiers are factors for the lift and drag values at AlphaMax (or AlphaDepart). If the abscissa would be alpha (and not delta alpha) were would be a "step" in the resulting lift and drag graphs when the stall occurs, because the (modifier) values then (at AlphaMax or AlphaDepart) are quite different to 1.0.
  8. No, those free download links are all illegal. Please buy the strike fighters games from the official thirdwire store!
  9. Bug confirmed!
  10. Track IR and FE 2

    The original values you can find in the original <aircraft>_cockpit.ini files. Note: Not all <aircraft>_cockpit.ini files contain those data. I think most stock SF2 aircraft do not, but most (all) FE2 aircraft do. If the data are missing I _think_ the game uses 0.0 as limit, that means no lateral head movement. The values describe the allowed minimum/maximum lateral head movement in meters. Unfortunatelly IMHO the trackir implementation of the lateral head movement in the game is not fully correct. Because if you change those values, besides changing the movement limits it also changes the movement scale. IMHO the movement scale, i.e. how much real head movement translates into virtual head movement, should only be defined by the trackir profile and not by the game.
  11. Track IR and FE 2

    To allow larger lateral head movements the following entries in the [CockpitSeat001] section in the <aircraft>_cockpit.ini can be changed: MinMovementX=-0.1 MaxMovementX=0.1 MinMovementZ=-0.1 MaxMovementZ=0.1
  12. With a little trick you can view ALL lods contained in the cats: Create a fakeaircraft.ini that contains the following lines: [LOD001] Filename=Meteor8_pit.lod <--- insert lod file name here By opening this fake aircraft ini the LODViewer shows the referenced lod. The meteor clock node name is "face_clock":
  13. Fantastic pics! ... Now I have to watch "The Bridges at Toko-Ri" and "The Hunters" ... And then maybe I'm motivated enough to start a long, long, long, long-time project of a Korean Air War flight simulator game using the FlightGear engine and maybe SF2/KAW mod assets...
  14. Maybe it helps to switch to orthographic projection by switching off the perspective projection. Have you tried the side (left/right) views. And then to pan the view either with mouse (shift + left mouse) or keybord (shift + arrow keys)? You can also set the view control "sensitivity" in Extras->Settings->Control.
  15. Setting Options->Gameplay->Fuel Usage to "Easy" gives you unlimited fuel.

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