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  1. That aren't shadows. The "darkening" is caused by (diffuse) lighting: The more a part of the object faces the light source (in the LODViewer the light is at eye position) the brighter is becomes, and vice versa. The LODViewer GUI hasn't an option to enable/disable lighting (yet). But as a workaround you can adapt the fragment shader diff_decal.frag in the LODViewer's shaders directory to decrease or disable the diffuse lighting. The attached shader completely disables the diffuse lighting. HTH. diff_decal.frag
  2. The export with decals option only disables vertex sharing (this is (sometimes?) needed to prevent decal bleeding). But that of course increases the vertex count. I think there is a vertex limit per mesh. Maybe you hit that limit here?
  3. OpenFA alpha 0.1 Release

    Thanks @Menrva for digging this up. It's an interesting nice project. Quotes from the project's website and gitlab: and I totally can relate to both. Although I would replace Janes Fighters Anthology with SF2
  4. I assume you mean TOD objects: In the TODEditor you can save a selected object with right mouse button -> Save Object as *.obj or *.3ds files (saving as *.lod file doesn't work (yet)). Afterwards you can load the object with File->Object Manager...->Load Object and place it on a (new) TOD. But note: the texture coordinates (texture mapping) of the object were not changed. That means the texture of the object must be located on the new texture (atlas) at the same position as on the original texture (atlas). Alternatively the texture mapping of the object (*.obj or *.3ds file) can be changed/adapted with a 3D modeler program, i.e. blender or 3D Max.
  5. Yes, your file seems corrupted. What games incl. patch level (e.g. SF2 Vietnam Jul 2013, SF2 Europe Jul 2013 , ...) have you installed? What tool have you used to extract the files (the official TW extractor or the extractor from Mues Toolbox)? Try to reextract the file. Maybe your file got corrupted by opening and saving the file with an editor.
  6. What exactly is shown in Notepad++'s status bar? I don't think it shows "unicode". Can you post your NAMESGERMAN.lst file here. Not with copy-paste but as attachment.
  7. My Notepad++ says it's UCS-2 LE BOM. Maybe you experience a font problem. Try to select a font that contains german umlauts, e.g. Courier New. In Notepad++ you can select the fonts with Settings->Style Configurator... . Try changing the Default Style.
  8. Yes, this workaround is required because the author of the LODViewer was to lazy to implement this feature into the tool. Maybe he will find some time (and motivation) in the future .
  9. Isn't the only difference between Unlimited and High shadow setting that TOD objects cast shadows or differ the shadow settings in more stuff?
  10. With some effort it should be possible. Regarding the 3D model you either need the 3D source as Wrench said and convert it into a format that FG understands. Or you need a loader plugin for FG that accepts the LOD file. I've done some experiments in the past: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/93840-strike-fighters-2-meets-flightgear/ Further you must (re)create the flight model in FG. Maybe this information can help you: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/93571-further-fm-questions/?do=findComment&comment=759727
  11. Correct. Moreover while testing the TODEditor I noticed that after the number of TOD objects (or vertex/triangle count, I'm not sure) on a tile exceeds a limit the shadows stop working anyway.
  12. This bug is fixed in version 0.1.1.
  13. Oops, It seems the texture coordinates are flipped vertically. I'll investigate where exactly the bug is. As a workaround I think you can flip the texture vertically.
  14. Yes, you are correct. The solid TOD objects of a tile share the same texture (atlas) defined by SolidObjectTexture (and respectively the alpha objects share the same texture defined by AlphaObjectTexture). Thats how the game engine works and there is nothing I can do about it. That also means objects that use different texture files can not be imported and used together in a tile. The objects must be first remapped to use the same texture atlas that also has to be created. I should update the readme.txt to clarify that restriction.
  15. Ayuda

    In the TrackIR software you must disable the Z-Axis and maybe Trueview too.

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