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  1. I am using a Radeon 6900 Series AMD video card and Windows 7 OS. Regularly, the system wants to update video drivers to the latest Catalyst drivers. Every time I have updated drivers I have had to reinstall OFF BHAH and sometimes CFS3. Is there any way to avoid this, other than not update the video drivers. Not critical, but it is a pain in the 6. Thanks for your help.
  2. G940 Throttle and Ailerons

    Parky, Thanks again for the help. Removed the Z axis from the Joystick, now throttle works fine. I now live long enough to get shot down..yea! I'm now the newest smokin hole in the ground. Take care.
  3. G940 Throttle and Ailerons

    Thanks Parky both for the link and the welcome. I will tinker with these options after work. Again thanks for the lead.
  4. I recently installed CFS3 and OFF BHaH. Everything patched to current status. My G940 joystick and rudder pedals work correctly. I configured all three components seperately within CFS3. However, in BHAH when I advance or retard the throttle it affects the ailerons, either up or down. I have tried deleting assignments and reconfig but the issue remains. Athon Processor 1GB Ram XP SP3.

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