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  1. B-2

    does the B-2 have any control over yaw? because i think i remember reading a book in which it had rudders but that was fiction and if that detail is true i dont see any rudders
  2. actually come to think of it, the f-111 isnt half bad and thats a side-by-side i think
  3. i agree the su-34 is probably the best looking side-by-side seat aircraft, as for the competition between the a-6 and a-7, the a-6 wins hands-down, though in performance i like it a lot more, the a-7 is sort of like a crusader that came out of the factory wrong and since the crusader is one of my favorite planes im giving the corsair some leniancy, but i think my favorite plane is the farmer
  4. i agree, its not the most beautiful plane ive ever seen, but i would never call the Intruder "hot" or "good-looking" or even decent for that matter, its just a peice of crap with wings
  5. iranianizing the f-14

    thanks guys it works great, and im beginning to understand all of this extracting stuff
  6. iranianizing the f-14

    i assume wp means weapons pylon? and is that something that should already be there or do i need to fix something with the plane data, also i think all of those numbers that say weaponsdataXXXX, overlap weapons that are already there, is that going to cause a problem?
  7. since iran is no longer friendly with the US, i did a little editing to the NATIONS thing, but now i need to change some stuff around in the f-14 to make it fire russian missiles and im wondering how to do this
  8. More Flankers!

    two things a question i have is, is there an ETA on these? and in the way of wars, Ethiopian-Eritrian war of 1998-2000 would be one of the best wars beacause the fulcrums of Eritria were wasted by the flankers of Ethiopia
  9. More Flankers!

    i think the su-34 attack flanker is known as the platypus or i think the NATO name is the fullback
  10. first question, about the fulcrum, something about it just doesnt seem to be aerodynamically correct and im wondering if this is normal second question, which russian missiles are the best radar-guided and which are the best heat-seekers?
  11. what do these terms mean, ive heard that unstable aircraft are better at maneouvring but im looking for an explanation, also, can wikipedia be trusted when it comes to aircraft?
  12. A310

    what are these planes for anyways?
  13. the su-34 platypus would probably be a great plane, i think it came into service very recently like a month ago also the f-101 vodoo would be a great plane
  14. thanks it worked, now i just have to get back those patches
  15. it wont let me rename the folder because access is denied

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