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  1. @ Marcfighter and Mi-8

    Ok! I have to search for the file.
  2. Brazil chooses Gripen

    :hyper: :kudos: :grin:
  3. New Data Beta for Mi-24P By YEYEYE

    Ariell, I didn't make anything in the cockpit
  4. File Name: New Data Beta for Mi-24P By YEYEYE File Submitter: Marcfighter File Submitted: 30 April 2012 File Category: Ini Edits File DATA of florian SeaKing, adapted for Mi-24P. Credit By Florian SH-3 SeaKing Click here to download this file
  5. Mi-24P Public Beta

    http://combatace.com/files/file/12901-new-data-beta-for-mi-24p-by-yeyeye/ New DATA!
  6. New Data Beta for Mi-24P By YEYEYE



    File DATA of florian SeaKing, adapted for Mi-24P. Credit By Florian SH-3 SeaKing
  7. Mi-24P Public Beta

    Nice work! If you need of help it is only to speak.
  8. You need a rifle to hunt but they are forcing you to buy a pistol. Will you buy?
  9. USAF gave period for Hawker to correct problems of the AT-6 and like this to continue in the competition. The Fact is, it would take two years to correct everything. Super Tucano is ready one and operating with success.
  10. Announces incorrect! USAF removed AT-6 Texas II of the competition why the aircraft that they want is not. The Super Tucano was projected for that mission and it will be much cheaper to operate. Embraer saw many years ago that an aircraft it didn't exist with those characteristics and any another he saw that. Teenfighters are flying now COIN sorties at a hefty price. Operational costs per flight hour: F-15E: USD 36.633 (CY 2010) F-16C: USD 19.087 A-10A: USD 24.102 Super Tucano: approx USD 1.000 (2010) per hour, direct operating costs. Direct operating cost of a F-16C = USD 7.750 (2010). Hawker doesn't have the airplane that USAF seeks, now he makes everything to change the decision, until making donations for political.
  11. Happy New Year

    Happy new year!

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