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  1. Pilot selection?

    So...I extracted NAMESBRITISH.LST from the Missiondata.cat file and put 20 full names ( first name and surname together) as a list under the Lastnames heading. I don't know if I really needed to do this but I added a corresponding list of 20 .'s as the maleFirstnames list. I don't know anything about programming at all ( I'm an artist) but I had a sneaky feeling that if a programme goes looking for something and it's not there then it'll get all uppity about it and not work....hence the corresponding 20 dots. I then saved the NAMESBRITISH.LST into the Flight folder ( where it was extracted to) As it happens, the dots don't show up in my post-mission squadron list/debrief thing. I can now add all of my friends to the list without their first and last names getting randonly mixed up.
  2. Pilot selection?

    Oh wow! I didn't know that! Thankyou! ( Sorry...newbie here! The last flight sim I was any good at was Microprose's Knights of the Sky :) )
  3. Pilot selection?

    But won't the game look for NAMEBRITISH.LST in the Missiondata.cat file? Surely if it's somewhere else it won't find it? Am I being dim? ( highly likely)..but how do you add files back into MissionData.cat?
  4. Pilot selection?

    I've just done a bit more poking around, downloaded the SFP1E utilty and found a file called NAMESBRITISH.LST in the MissionData.cat file. There's a long list of surnames and a long list of first names. I haven't edited any of them ( I'm not brave enough to do it then try and add it back into the .cat file!!!) . It looks to me as if random names are generated from the two parts of the list.eg, in one campaign you might get George matched up with Rodgers, but in another he might end up being Fred Rodgers. But I don't know....as I said, I'm too chicken to try altering anything! Edit* I posted this just as Southernap was posting.
  5. Pilot selection?

    I've had a poke around, but couldn't find any easy way of doing this. I couldn't find an ini file anywhere with pilots names in. It'd be brilliant if you could change the names of your squadron's pilots. Can anyone out there help? ( And apologies for my first ever post on this forum being of no use at all! I'll try and make up for it! )

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