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  1. Unfortunately, I ran it again and it failed to make a difference. I placed the .exe file in the WOV main folder (per readme) and ran it without any errors. The Soundlist.ini file was already extracted from the flightdata.cat file. Is the soundlist.ini file supposed to remain in the Flight folder? That's where i left it. Again, i am looking to have the jet sound reduced when in the cockpit. Is that what "sound3d.exe" is supposed to do? Seems by the title of the file that it is meant to enhance 3d sound, not reduce it... Thanks, JJ
  2. Thanks for the tip, but this doesn't seem to work. I ran the .exe from within my WOV directory as advised in the readme and the engine sound still plays within the cockpit at full volume as usual.
  3. i noticed something last night while flying about in WOV. I went to external view and panned around my ride. I was getting great frames until i went to a nose-on view, looking at the plane from head-on. The frames dropped considerably by 20 or more. My immediate sense was that it had to do with the exhaust trail. I also noticed that explosions seen close up resulted in dramatic drops in frames, versus explosions viewed from a mile or greater. Both instances having to do with particles, i believe. Nothing remarkable you might think, but here's the kicker. I do not get a drop in frames when viewing a smoke trail from the side (be it exhaust or a burning a/c). I only get a frame rate loss when viewing a smoke trail head-on. So my thinking is that the graphics engine is doing some sort of layering of one particle image "on top of" another when displaying smoke/particles head-on. I'm wondering if there is a graphics card setting to resolve this...shaders? jj
  4. Thanks so much for a spot-on solution...will grab the util and post an AAR jj
  5. Hey all. i just wanted to get a third-party opinion as to what sort of performance i should expect from my PC running Thirdwire sims. I am currently getting what i would classify as "low-middle" performance. Standard FPS is in the 30's to 60's with drops to under 20 in certain demanding situations. Specs: Intel mobile motherboard 1.8Ghz Intel Core Duo CPU ATI Radeon Mobility X1600 with 128 VRAM 2 Gigs of PC5300 RAM On-board Sigmatel audio LCD display seemingly locked to 60hz refresh rate (Truth be told, my machine is an Intel iMac running Windows XP SP2) What do you think? Bottom-range? Middle-range? Your opinions on my machine's suitability for Thirdwire sims, LOMAC, and IL-2 welcome... Thanks...
  6. Bwf, good to know i wasn't the only one. I wonder why the makers of the Sandy v 5.0 didn't mention the issue in their readme or test the sound, for that matter? As for replacing it with a different file, I was thinking of doing that myself. Yes, please email me the wav file(s) at jkgtr73@yahoo.com. Much appreciated...
  7. perhaps i should ask, is anyone successfully using this aircraft (v. 5.0) in the latest version of WOV?
  8. When "inside" your airplane, you hear two engine sounds in the background. One is the (external) engine sound and the other is more of a muffled, "sealed-up" sound which i believe is also the windstream sound. I find it unrealistic to hear the external engine sound when in the cockpit view. Is there a way, perhaps in an .ini file, to disable the external engine sound from being heard within the cockpit? Thanks...
  9. A simple question that i am certain has been asked before... Can SFP1 campaigns (read Yom Kippur, Falklands, etc) be run in WOV or WOE? I'm guessing they can be, but with stipulations....? Thanks...
  10. I heartily agree. I think the Mirage III is the quintessential fighter. Doesn't get any sleeker with the delta wing, ram intakes, and the needle nose, and the no-nonsense, single engine exaust pipe. I'm moved every time. French cars are just plain weird, but French jets are sexy...
  11. I always thought that was a beautiful design. It is incredible to see it in the sim, like any other airplane... (amazing to see that i'm not the only one here who is into military aviation AND watched Robotech/Macross...)
  12. Hi, my first post to this forum. I recently downloaded and installed the Skyraider v.5.0 add on aircraft for WOV. It looks and flies great, but the engine sounds totally artificial - something high-pitched, like a bee. I can't figure out what's wrong...if i play the skyraider engine wav file in Windows Media Player, it sounds great, as it should and the ini file, which is completely unedited, straight out-of-the-box is pointing to the correct wav file. All other add-on aircraft sound fine. Any ideas? Thanks...

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