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  1. Hi all. I like the F-111. But F-111 addon don't have SHD file. SO It don't exist shadow. How make a SHD file? PS : Sorry, I can't English well.
  2. Hi all. I play WOV campaign. but I can't see light in carror. So I see Carrior_data.ini file. This file don't have the light data. If so When night Carrior landing how do search carrior? PS : ....Player need Owl's eye?...-..- PS2 : Sorry I can't english well.
  3. Current F-15E's cockpit is F-15C's cockpit. But realstic F-15E cockpit have Three MFD. So I think that F-15E's realstic cockpit will be maked. PS : I change F-15E's cockpit into F/A-18's cockpit. But Arm display ,pitch and AoA is wrong. Arm display's problem need to change 3D model. but I don't know a method.
  4. Hellow. I very like F-15E. But reslstic cockpit does not exist. When is maked F-15E realstic cockpit? PS : Sorry. I can't english well.

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