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  1. hehe ,my gramps actually worked on the SKYRAY in real life,he was an engineer under ed HEinemann at douglas aircraft El segundo ,long beach ,wherever they put him lol,he even has the skyray formed in his driveway of his house which is shaped like the b2 l,i'll try to find a pic of the driveway. also on another note,i emailed him concerning the A4 skyhawk since he worked on that too,i have been told that the A4 did in fact have counter measures,so my question is where my flares or chaff lol
  2. you mean they actually are goin to release LOMAC,i thought that was ubi's own personal sim
  3. i had trouble with the game when video was set higher than 800x600 ,maybe try a lower resolution?
  4. ok,but sometimes the darn game crashes,maybe we could try direct ip? you use icq? my number is 109632672 destro out
  5. i see many familiar names here ,anyone playin multiplayer in strikefighters or you all waitin for the patch?
  6. you the same ranger from novaworld f22 lightning 3?if so long time no see

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