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  1. Yeah! I was surprised. Anyway, they've done a really good job with the SP2, and it is super smooth an stable on-line. Good job. Now, as for trying to make me feel bad, let me tell you this. I had REASON TO BELIEVE THEY WOULD NOT RELEASE IT, as I, along with the rest of the non-beta testing community was not told anything for more than 8 months. There you have it.
  2. God And Bad News

    Heheh. Last time we heard it was close was almost a year ago..remember the patch is in testing?
  3. The one we all know about. At least it looks like you guys will be supporting this sim through and through. These days it is more and more important to give the gamers feedback and input. Some developers are yet to realise that.
  4. Hey Snapple, did ya copy my sig? I came up with this one in early IL-2 dayz. Just asking, don't mind though if anyone uses it.... ;)
  5. excellent. Very handy stuff indeed THANKS
  6. New Patch???

    You people just don't get it. I'm complaining simply because the game does not do what it advertised, being a multiplayer capable game...LOMAC may have some small problems, but everything does work, unlike SF.
  7. New Patch???

    C'mon, honestly. HOW LONG does a patch take to make. This is not making an entire new game, simply fixing some broken things, more than 7 months?????. This is not a flame, just my outrage at something totally ridiculous. In this business there is not an infinite amount of time avialable. What a joke.
  8. New Patch???

    They #were# working on a patch, but most of the community now knows that it will never materialise. Reference: http://www.thirdwire.com/projects/p1/rt_patch.htm This is MAY 2003. 7 months ago they said patch testing was happening. Still nothing, not even ONE post from the developer updating us on the situation in the meantime. What does that tell you? NO PATCH. Better move on to LOMAC and better things.
  9. Who was being uncivil? Stating the truth is not being combative.
  10. Very sorry to dissapoint you but there will be no second patch. There has been no communication fom the developer for many, many months now. You email them and you'll just get a standard response email. Even some of the beta testers are now admitting that nothing has been done for months. http://forums.frugalsworld.com/vbb/showthr...?threadid=53179 http://forums.frugalsworld.com/vbb/showthr...?threadid=52978 Forget about SF:P1, LOMAC is the way to go from here.
  11. Just a note for Andy, MODS. It is not currently possible to register on the SIMHQ boards.
  12. Yes, it's that time.....AGAIN. Another month is about to slip into history - hey , gues what....soon it will be another YEAR. How was your October? oops,. can't edit the title typo; *pass
  13. Patch

    Well, I must say that I now honestly think there will never be a service pack 2. I think that after waiting over many, many months for a patch, and no official word. it is probably due to a problem with the game that is basically untraceable and unfixable. I know there are many modders that hate us 'whiners', but hey, if your car did not work and the manufacturer did not fix it for almost a year wouldn't you lose patience? I'm not angry, just dissapointed that i could never play this product online. The box sure tells me i can. Maybe i did not get a working version then as some people say they can play online without problems
  14. Just doing my monthly 'And-yet-another-month-is-about-to-pass-by' thread. :D How was September for you people? Weather still good over here in the UK. Was nice and warm and I had a good holiday.

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