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  1. Hi All, Maybe I missed something. Is there a way to select a particular plane? I have been flying campaign mostly but would like to try out various plane types. Second question. Where do I go to get some skins? Not a painter, myself. Thanks. Beer
  2. Plane choice & skins

    Thanks to all of you for your input. You have answered my questions. Beer
  3. Hi All, Have TrackIR installed and having some problems. At times it works swell. At others it will either operate spasmodically, not work or give me views that do not correspond to my head movements. I have flown entire missions with no problem. Next time, I can go in fire all the stuff up and I might get a green lite or not or the lite will will go off for no reason and I lose TrackIR. The blue lite will be on when this is occuring. At times when I go to field and fly the TrackIR is trying to work but when I move my head, say to the left, I get the floor of the cockpit or any view except where I'm looking. I checked out what has been written in the OFF Forum and set it up that way. So, I am doing something wrong or my TrackIR is not set up right. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks. Beerthirty.
  4. TrackIR Problems.

    4.1.036 Well, that's the version I have, as best as I can find out. So my drivers must have, also, loaded on install, as my TrackIR works fine, right now. Even so I checked the TrackIR site and was unable to find a driver d/L. Thanks you all for your help. Beerthirty
  5. Hi All, Have encountered TrackIR problems. One time I can go into the Sim and all is fine. The next time I will have problems getting TrackIR to work, (No green lite) or it will give me incorrect views in relation to head movemrnt, or it will be choppy and erratic when changing head position. It is problably something that I am doing wrong or I do not have it set up correctly. I checked out what was written regarding TrackIR on the OFF Forums. If anyone has any idea of what is wrong I would appreciate the help. Thanks Beerthirty
  6. TrackIR Problems.

    Hi Lou! :yes: Yup! Finally made it. Very nice and helpful Peeps here. I still am working on getting used to TrackIR. Takes a little. I have been flying Bombing missions and when I don't screw up, I can make it back to home base. Have been flyin Strutter missins in Campaign. Right now my biggest problem is finding the enemy Fighters. Even with TrackIR it is difficult and I am trying to dope out the view keys. Not too much success. Also, am wondering about the TrackIR driver question. If my TrackIR is working, do I need it, and where to get it? Good to see you here, Bud. Beer
  7. TrackIR Problems.

    Well that was it. The lighting. My wife had her computer on and that 22 inch screen gives off a bunch of light accompanied by a desk lamp, in back of me. When we turned them off I went into the game and all was good. uncleal mentioned Vista and do I have drivers installed. I do have Vista but never installed drivers for TrackIR. Where would I get those and do I need them? I also run a Logitech joystick but I think that I'm not having problems in that direction. Since I just recently purchased TrackIR, I am having to train myself in it's use , in regard to head movement etc. Anyone have comments about that? Thank you all for helping me out. Very much appreciated. Beerthirty PS: Beerthirty? :yes: Yup! Been gaming for ten years. It's the only handle I have ever used.
  8. S! All., I installed the 1.28 patch and now get no response when pressing F7 key. I was seeing the ground passing below me prior to installing 1.28. Also, I get a message from the OFF Manager, while in the game that I have corrupted files regarding 1916, or some such. Couldn't read it fast enough to really know what it all said. However I did see that it advised me to reinstall OFF. Must I do that? What's up with that. And btw how do I access the Manager? Thanks for any help. Beerthirty
  9. 1.28 patch

    I got TrackIR to work. I was fooling around in the TrackIR software. I placed the Off title into the Auto Load column next to CFS3 title . Went into the sim in cockpit view. Voila! It worked Still don't all I know about the TrackIR software operation. Need to get acquainted with the terminology. Someplace on the Forums I saw a post where they talk about setting up your TrackIR config in the software but can't find it now. If anyone knows where it is, please, point me to it. Anyways TrackIR is great but as everything else ya gotta learn to use it. Thanks for all your help, Polovski. Beerthirty
  10. 1.28 patch

    I ran an update and it informed me I had the latest version, 4.1.036. The same for games list. Says I have all the games. They have OFF added to their list on their TrackIR site, however I don't see it in my TrackIrR siftware. I added OFF to my list . But I think the problem might be me. I read all the "help" but have made no progress in getting it all to work. Beerthirty
  11. 1.28 patch

    The problem with the F7 key occurred after I installed 1.28 patch and before I installed TrackIR. At present I cannot get TrackIR to work. Have no idea what the problem is. TrackIr is on but will not connect to OFF. Prolly my fault. There was something on the Forums regarding TrackIR but can't find it at presemt. Beerthirty
  12. 1.28 patch

    Prior to 1.28 patch and prior to the manager telling me to reinstall, when I hit the F7 key I had a straight down view of the ground/terrain as I was passing over it. I would like to have that view back. TrackIR? Just got it today and that's another problem, which I will come back with after more research. Beerthirty
  13. 1.28 patch

    OK. I now know what thr manager is. and yes I run my game from that icon. Thanks. I reinstalled OFF and the 1.28 patch but still get no respnse from F7 key. All else seems fine. Beerthirty
  14. Hello, All I am a new member to OFF and hope to be flying with you all soon. My problem is that OFF drops me to the desk top while playing, for no apparent reason and no specific cause that I can detect. CFS3 did the same thing. At times I can remain in the sim for lengthy time periods. I have the latest updates installed. Sometimes the DTD occurs while using the keys. I am running Vista Home Premium Edition with a Nvidia 8800 GT card and a 3.00 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core proccessor Does any one have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Salute! Beerthirty
  15. Drop to Desktop

    S! All, I D/L the CPU Controll and followed Messarounds instructions. I now no longer DTD. This seems to have fixed my problem. I have flown 7 or 8 missions missions successfully. Thanks a bunch. I have been leaving the utility on, mainly because I forget to turn it off when done flying. :) All works fine. Also, sitting_duck. I followed your directions and now cn see the cfs3.exec file. Thank you! Thank you all for yor help and info. Salute! Beerthirty
  16. Drop to Desktop

    What I wrote was: "How low did you go" And Bigstank. I did the Alt/Tab in game (Clear/Contact) and got nothing. Still need to find cfs3.exec file. Geez! This is like walking in quick sand. :) Beerthirty
  17. Drop to Desktop

    S! All, OK. please forgive me for asking stupid questions. I now know where my Task Manager is, thanks to Big stank. I tried to follow your procedure. First of all the cfs3.exec file wasn't listed in processes. Secondly, I went to both the OFF folder and the CFS3 Folder to look for it. I did not see cfs3.exec I did see a file named cfs3, however, but when I right clicked it had no "add to CPU profile". So, now, I would like if you pointed me to the cfs3.exec file. Also, Schlissefart, how low did you go with your graphics settings? You all have to forgive me. I am a Red Baron player of some 10 years. Never had an addon game to contend with such as CFS and OFF. And never had this many problems with a sim. Thanks again, all. Beerthirty
  18. Drop to Desktop

    OK! Bigstank. Now please tell me where I find the Task Manager?

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